MahaRudra Kaa Prithvii

Come to The Best Planet In The Dhruva Galaxy

Basic information about the Star and Planet

Star Type = Red Giant

Orbit = 5 AU

Mass = 3x Earth's Mass

Are There Volcanoes = Yes

Is There Plate Movement = Yes

Is There Liquid Water = Yes

Are There Producers For Life = Yes

Planet Details

Some Details about the Planet

Some logical facts for the scientists include: The axis is tilted at 57 degrees. This affects the seasons because of the tilt being pretty tilted. There are 5 seasons: Yug, AbhiYug, AntarYug, ShastraYug, and MahaYug Yug being the coldest and MahaYug being the hottest Yug would be equivalent to Winter, AbhiYug being equivalent to fall, AntarYug being equivalent to spring, ShastraYug being equivalent to colder than summer hotter than spring, and MahaYug being equivalent to summer. There are 2 moons named Amrut and Vishh. The orbit distance for Amrut is 300,000 miles and for Vishh it is 200,000 miles from MahaRudra Kaa Prithvii. Vishh weighs 2.5x the Moon's weight and Amrut weighs 2x more than Earth's Moon. Vishh has a higher effect on tides than Amrut does. The tides are pretty high most of the time because of the orbit and size of the moons but sometimes in every 5 months there could be a low tide. The mass of this planet is 3x Earth's mass. Because of this the gravity is also 3x Earth's gravity. This affects the people on the planet because if they want to survive with this gravity they would have to be stronger.

About Rudra Bengali,founder and ruler of MahaRudra Kaa Prithvii