Remember The Alamo!

A Texas Revolution Review Game

Purpose and Goal

Do you have an upcoming test about the Texas Revolution? Do you have so much homework that you don't want to study? If so, "Remember the Alamo" the Texas Revolution review game is for you. This is a game of chance where you place your bets BEFORE you read the question. If you know the topic you should be confident that you will answer the question correctly, if you don't this game will help you learn as well as review. After you answer all twenty questions the one with the most money wins!


For this game you need:

Game Board

Twenty question and answer cards

Answer Sheet

Money (included)


This is a review game for the Texas Revolution. The game is for two to four players.

Setting up the game: First you need to place the game board in the middle of the playing space. Second give every player one-hundred Alamo Bucks (game currency) two worth twenty, three worth ten, and six worth five. Next give every player an answer sheet, this is where you will record your answers. After each round you will need to get a new answer sheet. Now place the question and answer cards in the designated slot on the game board. Then place the Alamo Bucks in their place on the board. This will be referred to as the bank. Before you start choose one player to read the questions. Remember the person that reads the questions still gets to play.

Starting the game: After you have completed the steps above you are ready to begin the game. Before you pick the first card from the pile have every player place their bet on how confident they are that they will answer the question correct. Remember you must place your bet before you pick the question. Place the money you bet in front of you. Players may only bet up to half of their money. For example if you have two-hundred Alamo Bucks you can bet up to one hundred. After all of the players have placed their bets the player you designated needs to read the question. All of the players will then secretly record their answer on their answer sheet. If a player gets the question right they get double the amount of money they bet. You get the extra money from the bank. For example if a player bet fifty Alamo Bucks and got the question right they will receive their fifty Alamo Bucks back and then the fifty that they won. If the player gets the question wrong they lose the money that they bet on the question and their money will be placed in the bank. Continue to bet and answer the questions. The game will be over when all of the players but one are out of money or after you have gone through all of the questions. If you have gone through all of the questions the player with the most Alamo Bucks wins!