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Say Hello to Xello!

Xello is a software that helps students in grades 6–12 create their very own, unique roadmap for future success—enabling students to discover their own personalized pathway through self-knowledge, exploration and planning.

  • Build Self-Knowledge
  • Explore Options
  • Create a Plan
  • Learn & Reassess

Making Every Student Future Ready!

Personalizing college and career planning to ensure every student develops the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

What is Xello?

Xello: Make Every Student Future Ready!

What's My Username and Password

Username = cvs - (cvs dash "-") plus first name initial, followed by your last name, plus the LAST 3 digits of your student ID number.

Example: cvs-msmith 789

Password = Student ID Number (usually 10 digits)

Example: 0123456789

Log In To Xello At:

Introduction - Informational Video

Take a moment to watch the informational YouTube video that will walk you through navigating this new system.
Hello To Xello