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Gloria Marshall Elementary Vision and Mission

Our School Vision

Marshall Elementary will be a district school of choice known for high quality academics, innovative and specialized programs that meet the needs of all students in a positive learning environment.

Our Mission Statement

Gloria Marshall Elementary’s mission is to provide meaningful, engaging, and challenging educational experiences in an environmentally friendly school setting.

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Message From the Principal

Dear Staff,

We want to give Ms. Matte and Nicole Nguyen a shout out for doing an outstanding job with our book fair. Parent participation was incredible, as it will help us to continue to build strong relationships with our families.

As a reminder, we want to make sure that everyone is caught up with all the requirements and that we are engaging our students in high impact learning. Board Configuration and the Spring Way Systems is a must and is required to be in everyone's classroom. Our team leads and administration would be happy to help you if you are having difficulty implementing them.

We are working on continuing to establish a positive school campus climate that is evident by transparency of one team, and one vision. Now that we have data, we should be ready to discuss and adjust our action plans accordingly. You will need to submit the action plans by Thursday. Please use your planning time to regroup your kids. Ms. Budiford will be sharing the SLO data tracker which can be used to develop your action plan.

Remember to stay positive and recharge to give your 100% effort. Let me know how I can assist and support the great work that you do. Thank you for all that you do.


Judith Alarcon, Principal

Week at a Glance

M 10/11/2021: Columbus Day School Holiday No School

T 10/12/2021: DATA PLC-Please have Action Plan Ready to Discuss Thurday Based on 1st Assessment. Discipline Expectation and Powerpoint Overview-Teams please meet in ARD Conference Room or Let me know when I can meet with you this week with your team. (We will meet twice this week in order to not meet after school.)

CIP Meeting in Library Room 4:00p.m.-5:00p.m. Campus Advisoty Campus is required to attend.

5th Grade Field Trip

W 10/13/2021: Team Lead Meeting-Library

Th: 10/14/2021: Data PLC AT-Bats will be in the ARD Conference Room

Individual Action Plans Are to be turned in at the end of the day.

(Template will be emailed to you).

F: 10/15/2021: Grades 1-5 Report Card Distribution


Reading Instruction: Tips for Teachers

Teach the Relation of Sounds and Letters

Students should learn the letters of the alphabet and discriminate each letter from the other, because each stands for one or more of the sounds that occur in spoken words. When presenting each letter, model its corresponding sound and have children produce the sound themselves. For children with learning disabilities, the teaching activities must be explicit and unambiguous.

At first, teach and work with only a few letter-sound correspondences that have high utility in many words (e.g., /m/ in man, mad, him, and ham). Postpone teaching less frequently occurring letters until students have a firm understanding of how left-to-right spellings represent first-to-last sounds (alphabetic understanding).

Teach Children How to Sound Out Words

After students have mastered a few letter-sound correspondences, teach them to decode words or sound them out. Begin with small, familiar words. Teach the children to sound out the letters, left to right, and blend them together, searching for the word in memory.

Model sounding out the word, blending the sounds together and saying the word. The ability to sound out new words allows children to identify and learn new words on their own. Give children stories containing words that reflect the letter-sound patterns that have been taught, and encourage them to sound out words whenever they are uncertain. Help children learn spelling conventions, such as the use of final /e/ to mark long vowels, by comparing and contrasting lots of examples.

Teach Children to Spell Words

Teach children to spell words by sounding their letters one by one. Model the sounding and spelling process for children as they spell.

Begin with short words children can sound out, because these words follow regular spelling conventions, e.g., cap, bat, and sit instead of cape, bait or sight.

Begin with simple words that do not contain consonant blends, e.g., ham and pan instead of slam and plan.

Encourage students to use spelling knowledge and strategies regularly in their own writing.

Introduce spelling conventions systematically. Begin with words that exemplify the most frequent and basic conventions, and provide support and practice to help students generalize from these words to others. The goal is to help them see the spelling conventions in the words.

Use words in which letter-sound correspondences represent their most common sounds (e.g., get instead of gem).

Develop a sequence and schedule of opportunities that allow children to apply and develop facility with sounds and words at their own pace. Specify what skills to assess and when to assess them so that you will know when to move on. Take into account each student’s background knowledge and pace in moving from sounding out to blending words to reading connected text


Powerful SEL Activities Build social and emotional skills into my class.

Build social and emotional skills into any class.

Name the emotion you’re bringing to class: Have each student call out the emotion they’re feeling. This helps each student know how they and other students are feeling, what different emotions look like, and how to better interact with their peers based on how they’re feeling.

Write down, rip up, and throw away your stress: Have your students write down their expectations and insecurities, rip them up, and throw them away. This emotional check-in takes about three minutes. By acknowledging how your students are feeling at the start of each class, you’ll acknowledge their barriers to learning and create a safe space for your students to overcome them.

PTO Members 2021-2022

We are excited to have a PTO for the 2021-2022 school year. I would like to take an opportunity to introduce our PTO board Members. Please join our PTO.


Dominique Graves, President

Cynthia King-Vice President

Stephanie Hooper-Treasurer

Michelle Creamer, Secretary

Sharona Mitchell, Event Coordinator

Tiffany Armstrong, Fundraising Coordinator

Principal's Contact Information

Judith Alarcon


Spring ISD - Gloria Marshall Elementary School

24505 Birnamwood

Spring, Texas 77373

281- 891- 4900

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Upcoming Events


Marshall Elementary October Events

5th Grade Student Field Trip to Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, October 12, 2021

Marshall Student Awards during CAPE, October 12, 2021 (students only)

Marshall PTO Meeting, All Marshall Families are welcome to attend, 5pm

Marshall Elementary Spirit Night at Sonic, October 21, 2021,


Lifetouch School Picture Day, Friday, October 22, 2021

Reb Ribbon Week, October 25-29, 2021, Daily Dress Up Days

Pumpkin Decorating Contest, drop off entries October 25-27 (No real pumpkins please)

K-2 Story Book Character Parade, October 29, 8:45am, Parents Welcome

Watch for more information coming home soon about these exciting events. Calendar subject to change.

Gloria Marshall Book Fair 2021-2022

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