Talent Director

payton 8th hour

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1. Reveiw performer such as photos,voices types, videos in order to decide whom to audition for parts.

2. Select performers for roles or submit a list of preformers for the final selection.

3. Contact agents and actors about prefromances.

4. Locate performers or extras for crowed.

5. Hire workers who help locate people with talent.

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Working Conditions

1. Talk to others to convey info effectivly. 2. Adjusting actions in relation to others actions.

3. manage ones own time and the time of others.

4. Being awar of others relations to others actions.

5. Using logic and reasoning to identify the stranghs and weaknesses

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To be a talent Director you should have a bachelor.

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Yearly Salary

The yearly salary for a talent director is 19400 to 81600 a year.


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