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January 11, 2016


Rigor = Students Making Meaning For Themselves

The following video is the best definition of Rigor that I have seen. It's short-1 minute and explains four qualities of what Rigor looks like in a classroom. Ask yourself-Does my lesson plans this week have students Making Meaning for Themselves? Where in my lessons are students imposing structure?

A go to person in the building would be Cristin Fox. Her training in Adolescent Critical Reading Intervention does just that. Last year she presented at our staff meeting how she teaches students how to use text structure to break down text? Her instructional strategies help students learn to break down text to make meaning. Bottom line: Students are not comprehending deeply if they are not able to make meaning and then apply it to a new situation.

What Rigor Looks Like in the Classroom: What Rigorous Instruction Requires Students to Do


Jan. 11-15th

MONDAY: STAR Testing This Week(Please See the Schedule)

No School- Snow Day


  • 8:10am: IEP/McLean/Ciesielski
  • 9:10am: IEP/Wright/Krupp/Moody/Vigna
  • 1:00pm: Meeting/Barber
  • 3:00pm: Principal's Meeting/Barber/Mishler


4:00pm: Running Club(Diane has a conference on Thursday so she is unable to help on that day) However, feel free to run and walk on your own if Wednesday does not work for you.


  • 8:00am-4:00pm: Mental Health Training @ GISD/Ruddy
  • 3:00pm: Running ?Club (Diane will not be there, but will loan out her timer for anyone wanting to run)
  • 3:15pm: Calendar Meeting

FRIDAY: Pay $5.00 to wear Jeans. Proceeds go to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan


Jan. 18th: Professional Development Day: 8:00am-3:00pm

Jan. 21st: Staff Meeting

Jan. 28 and 29th: Exam and Early Release Days/End of First Semester

Enjoy your week!


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January 18th: Professional Development Day

Priority Standards, Proficiency Scales, and Assessment, Oh My!

We have been doing hard work during PLC's and PD this year. We have been working to get intentional with our instructional practices--What do we want our students to know? and How will we know if they have learned it?

On Monday, January 18th we will continue our journey to answer the above two critical questions. We will have national presenter, Mike Ruyle, from the Marzano Research Lab working with us. He will review priority standards and proficiency scales as well as begin the next segment on formative/summative assessments.

Please bring with you:

  • Identified Priority Standards you have chosen
  • CCSS Standards flip chart etc. for your content area/Soc. Studies/Science should also refer to literacy standards as well
  • Proficiency Scales that you have developed
  • An assessment for a unit you would like to redo-(optional)
  • ipad or laptop


  1. ABC 12 Spirit Cup: We are currently tied with Corunna for first place! We will continue to raise funds for the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan by offering $5.00 Jean Days on Home Friday Varsity Basketball Games.


Student Teacher

Please welcome Nathan Swain. He will be working with Kelly Splear and our Band program this semester. He is from Saginaw Valley University.


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