Summer of Terror

Tia S. And Dai'Jah D.

Overall Case Study

Back in 1999 in Sacramento, Californian there'd been a series of crimes. When first investigated they could barley find any major evidence,mall that could be found during the time were small amounts, Trace evidence.

Weeks after one crime, another happened. The two William brothers had been arrested for the weapons that they'd had on them. When looking through the car there was a bar found, that had the paint from a previous crime that had been committed. The paint and partials that were found on pry bar had been ran and it proved it. Then a truck driver had finally gave a description of the car and the two men. They'd match the description which matched them to that crime. As many investigations went on, they finally got a warrant to go through their houses and parents too.

When they went through their homes, they discovered the jugs that had been involved in the burning crime that took place sooner. Then a little black book with the names of many Jewish men had been also found. They felt they needed to call a Daubert Ruling just to be a little more sure on the evidence that was collected at the scenes.

B’Nai Israel Synagogue

On June 18, 1999 arsonist had burned down the library and the sanctuary in Sacramento, California. Not even a hour had passed, before 2 others had gone up into flames. The whole attempt was a fail, so physical evidence still remained within the building. The oil that was used was all over the walls, the alter, and piano. The alter area wasn't completely destroyed, it was the library that had been horribly destroyed.


  • 3 Black oil jugs with labels of 2 different colors.
  • Torn Leicester of fabric around the handles.
  • Tufts of trace debris.
  • Fingerprints off of the jugs.
  • Wooden Crate
  • News Paper bottom.
  • Dog fur
  • Glass fragments

At the very end of the case when they all went to go investigate the homes, they'd found other Oil Jugs like the ones found at the scene in the closet.

Gay Couple Killed

In July, there was a gay couple that was killed in the Redding area of California. They were known to be an openly gay couple in the town of Happyville. While investigating, they found out that their credit cards had all been stolen as well.


The only evidence, was when the detectives noticed that after the couple had been killed someone was still using their cards. When they looked into they were able to arrest the two men ( The two behind everything)

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Abortion Clinic

On the same day as the coupled being murdered, it was reported that the Abortion clinic had been burned down. The people had first assumed that it was only a scam to get the insurance money. When later when questioning a witness, it was discovered that they were indeed the men that committed the crime from a little description.


  • Glass fragments on the jumpsuits.
  • Glass on the floor of the car.
  • Paint that was on the blade of the pry bar.
  • DNA
  • Fibers that had been found on the jumpsuits.

Daubert Ruling

It was mainly used by a trial judge to make a preliminary assessment of whether an expert’s scientific testimony is based on reasoning or methodology that is scientifically valid and can properly be applied to the facts at issue. Provides a rule of evidence regarding the admissibility of expert witness testimony during United States federal legal proceedings. Pursuant to this standard, a party may raise a , Daubert Ruling which is a special case of motion in liming raised before or during trial to exclude the presentation of unqualified evidence to the jury.

The reason it was so important in this. As, was because there were really no real hardcore evidence there where just bits of trace evidence. It was more of a process to use when you wanna be completely sure of what you are doing just in case you get something wrong. So by calling this, it basically allows you to get a better look into things so that you can have everything all correct and you can be for sure about all of your evidence.