IP Asset Assessment Deliverables

Collaborative Expansion

Identification of Market Opportunity

Specific market opportunity assessment

Map to Market Opportunity

Roadmap to specific market deployment

IP Analysis

Protection Landscape Analysis

Commercialization Assessment


Assessment for IP licensing opportunities

Service Deployment

Assessment for service deployment

IP Sale

Assessment for IP Sale

Commercialization Strategy

Go-to-market plan of action

Sales strategy, marketing communications plan, contact strategy

Revenue Metrics

Stage 2 and 3 revenue forecsts with key metrics and gateways

Financial Pro Forma

Financial Pro Forma

With DCF, breakeven analysis, documented assumptions, projected P&L, projected balance sheet

Talent Acquisition Process

Profile portfolio

Talent characteristics and job descriptions

Search with recommendations

Portfolio of candidates (Emergent EIR & other)

Capitalization Restructuring Plan

Cap structure plan

Restructure plan to facilitate Stage 2 & 3