NCTies 2014

Technology Tips- Day 2

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Below are just a few resources from sessions at NCTies for you to look at in your spair time. I have attemped to add a video demo to most so you can preview how it works for yourself.

Video Tool


Create an Avitar video that can be used to teach brief topics and saves on your camera roll.

Read more... CLICK HERE to see a how to video.

Tellagami intro

Web 2.0 Resources

Click Here to view Free4Teachers,com Resources

Must See APPS

colAr Mix

colAR Mix - 3D coloring book App

Bring Coloring book pages alive.

This is a MUST SEE for your elementary teachers. You won't believe your eyes.

CLICK HERE to see a video demonstration.

Go to website, download coloring sheets. color the sheets, and use the app on the picture and it becomes 3D and alive.

Elements 4D by DAQRI by Augmented Dynamics

Elements 4D by DAQRI

This is a must see for your Chemistry teachers.

Print out block patterns and fold them correctly. Open the app and hover over the block. It will show you the actual element floating in the block. If the elements are compatable, it will show you the reaction it creates.

CLICK HERE to see a video example.

Anatomy 4D

Anatomy 4D- It will blow your mind, Create a 3D human and layer the different systems.

Fun for ALL

Smithsonian X3D

Takes an item and allows you to project a 3 D item. The Smithsonian x3D Explorer is an interactive educational tool that enables the public to interact with scientific specimens and artifacts like never before.

CLICK HERE to see a video demo.


Aurasmsa has a new technology that can change the way we look at and interact with physical objects. It works with smart phone and tablets to, in real time, turn static images or even objects into videos, games and interactive experiences. Aim your phone at a building and see a video about that building. Aim it at a picture in a newspaper and launch an interactive experience.

CLICK HERE tos see a demo video.

Must Try

Leslie Fisher

    CLICK HERE To see a video on how this works.
    -allows you to brodcast your screen with anyone that can access a web browser.