Lost Stories

Reflecting on God's Work in Asia

Lost Stories...

There is this picture of a missionary as someone who lets others climb on their back to see over a wall. It has always stuck with me; and I feel like part of the blessing of being a missionary is relaying stories back home of what God has done. Because my time at home has always been so short, and churches are busy, and people aren't always as interested as I expect... I kind of stopped sharing stories. As a teacher you learn to pick up on the eye-glazed look pretty quick. The hard thing is when you see it in the eyes of adults in America who express that they want to know what God is doing in Asia, but their attention span is less than 5 minutes. In faith I want to share some stories from the field that got lost. My hope is that in telling these I would be able to proclaim how faithful God has been, and maybe a few of you will be willing to climb up and peer into the amazing work God is doing in Asia. It's big- incomprehensible even, and I know these stories are not mine to keep.

Due to the sensitive nature of talking about people and countries I have been to please don't share these openly and also be conservative in how much you share specific details with others. I might change names just to keep things safe, but for those of you who have been following for awhile the pieces won't be too hard to put together.

Interested in something specific? Let me know! It's hard for me to generate questions from the perspective of someone who has never been. I would love feedback and requests. Also I will keep updating my blog with less sensitive material ( in other words, fun stuff: www.kristiinasia.wordpress.com) and this will be ALL JESUS. :)

Little Reflections of Grace.

I opened my scrapbook from my first year teaching in Asia and was flipping through it the other day. This picture from 2004 made me stop and smile. This kid was in fourth grade when I taught him English. I was fresh off the boat, no teaching experience, no practical skills- but I had this huge heart and innocent ambition to give back to God the love He had given to me. Every day I went into class, literally every day , he would walk up to the front and give me this huge hug. In front of all of his classmates! In fourth grade! He was also their class leader and would help me out with names, what was going on, who was absent, etc. That year when I had no idea what I was doing I needed a hug at the beginning of class. I feel so grateful God gave me some kids like him who for whatever reason were so open and gracious in accepting whatever I had to give. I wonder what he is doing now....He should be entering his first year at university. If you could please thank God for his sweet spirit today and pray that God is a part of his life.