My Favorite Thing Ever!

Well, something I use everyday


Many of you may know this by many names, commode, the throne or the can. Yes, im referring to the toilet

Origins of the lifesaving invention

Who made it? Although the original inventor is unknown, I can tell you that King Minos of Crete owned an early version called the flushing water closet. Also, there similar ideas have been found spread around elsewhere in the ancient world. For example, the Romans had running water leading directly to the Tigris River with outhouses above.

How did it come to be? People for the longest time used chamber pots to take care of their business and taking it out everyday was quite the task.

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The Modern day Toilet

The Toilet now is everywhere you look,hopefully. The Toilet has evolved from a closet with running water to a porcelain seat built for comfort. Toilets are manufactured and shipped around the world. Basically the only place you wouldn't be near a Toilet is third world countries. You can buy Toilets in hardware stores, some convenience and even Internet stores.
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Scientific Method

I cant fully understand how and why people decided to make a toilet but I can take a guess. I assume that for the purpose of sanitation. Many decided to take care of their waste and with the invention of running water this was finally possible.