Japanese tsunami

11th March 2011

Why did it happen

This tsunami happened because the North America Plate, Eurasian Plate, Pacific Plate and Philippine Plate were traveling towards each other causing the Pacific Plate to travel under the Philippine Plate and the Philippine Plate to travel under the Eurasian Plate. All of the tectonic activity caused an earthquake and the differently placed plates and the earthquake caused the sea to create giant waves which grow bigger as the reached they shore because the water gets shallower. It was a very strong earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0.

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How Sendai was effcted

A range of locations were effected. One place which was particularly damaged was Sendai as it was extremely close to the epicentre. Some examples of damage in Sendai were extreme flooding, gas fires, homes destroyed and areas completely wiped out. The total death toll was 20,896. This vast amount of people died because of the enormity of the tsunami and because they weren't as prepared as they needed to be.

Fukushima nuclear power plant

Fukushima nuclear power plant was also effected by the tsunami. This is located in Japan, 〒979-1301 福島県双葉郡 大熊町夫沢北原22. This was such a problem because of the risk of dangerous radiation escaping. To make matters worse, you can not see, smell or taste radiation so they can't immediately know whether it is in the air. Radiation can cause long term illness and even death.

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Why was the Japanese tsunami so devastating?

In conclusion the Japanese tsunami was so devastating because of the gigantic number of deaths, injuries and people missing as well as the massive struggle for the people who survived but had lost everything including their home. Also, this tsunami was so devastating because of the huge amount of money that was needed to repair everything.