AISB Times 18th Ed.

AISB Back on Campus. Oct. 20, 2020

Dear AISB Families,

It was indeed an exciting week both for students and teachers to have finally returned to campus learning. Despite the many new and challenging procedures everyone has had to learn and practice, we are glad to inform you that we had a very successful campus reopening.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation with us.

October Break

School returns on Monday October 26. Enjoy the rest of the break!

School Supplies Arrived

Our shipment has finally arrived Brazzaville. We will be sorting classroom resources and would open the school store for lined books and other student supplies. Please stop by and purchase your child's notebooks, markers, folders, etc.

Ambassadors Leadership Summits in the USA Cancelled

  1. All parents who paid for their children to attend the Ambassador Leadership Summits last year, which were postponed to this year, have been informed of the cancellation of the 2020 summer summits. The organizers have begun processing the refund of the summit fees. If you paid through the school, we will refund your promised amount as soon as we receive from them. The organizers realize how disappointing this news must be for you and your student; but based on the expected continued quarantine restrictions on campuses in the absence of a pediatric vaccine, they simply cannot guarantee that they will be able to return to campus next summer. For these reasons, they must suspend their operations.

Dismissal Times & ID Presentation

  1. Dismissal Times: To prevent end of the day traffic at the gate, we have the following dismissal schedule
As you had already been informed, we have modified dismissal times to allow for a staggered and more efficient way to dismiss kids as well as to enable parents, drivers, or guardians to save wait times. Please refer to the table below.

Pre-K: 12:15

Kindergarten: 2:15PM

Grade 1: 2:40PM

Grade 2/3: 2:50PM

Grade 4/5: 3:00PM

Middle School: 3:05PM

High School: 3:15PM

WHO Bus Riders: 3:15PM

Siblings: 3:15PM

Or when the oldest sibling dismisses

Or at different times as above (decided by family).

This staggered dismissal schedule is to ensure safety and social distancing. We also care about your child's security. Consequently, we ask that every parent sends us updated information about who is responsible for picking their child up from school. We require the names and telephone numbers of the persons authorized to pick every child up from school. At the gate, these persons might be asked to present an ID copy to be able to be handed our students. Please cooperate with us as we seek to ensure the safety as well as the security of all our students.

Highlight of the Month

This edition of the AISB Times focused on Kindergarten/First grade, Technology and Art Classes. Enjoy the gallery and videos!

3D Models Made Using Tinkercad with Ms. Baba

Poster Making in Technology Class

Middle School Technology Class with Ms. Baba

Kg/1 Students

Kindergarten/Grade 1 Art Class

Big picture

Here's a Video of Our First Day on Campus

AISB First Day of Campus Learning

Ms. T's Kindergarten and First Grade Class on Week 1

AISB Halloween Celebration

Wednesday October 28

    AISB will celebrate Halloween on Wednesday Oct 28. Students are encouraged to come in dressed up in their costumes for the parade. Many academic activities have also been planned such as the Spelling Bee, Reading Competition, Skits, and Story-telling Competition.

    Parents are requested to send bags of candy with their children on Oct 26 and 27 to their teachers or advisors.

Parents who prefer their students opt out of Halloween events on the 28th should take note of the following:

  1. Formally request a single day to work from home and should complete assigned work packets by the 23rd

  2. The 28th will NOT be an excused absence if the online work packet is not completed

Kindergarten/first grade

Ms. Selvanee's Art Classes

Art Classes with Ms. Selvanee


Dr. Laura Viban

Ed.D in Educational Leadership & Management


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