Hard Love

By: Ellen Wittlinger


John is a sixteen year old junior at Darlington high, who is going through a very complicated momentin life because of his parents divorce. He starts to feel so left out and alone that he considers his life is over. John have interests in zines (Personal homemade magazines were he shares his life stories) lead him to find Marisol. Marisol is another highschooler who comes out as a lesbian and a person who dosent know what she wants to do in life. They meet when John read one of Marisols zines. Of in this story John starts begining to learn more aboute life , with a little self expression and Marsol, having some emotional feelings for her knowings she lesbian.

I liked this novel because these thing are really frequently in teenagers because sometimes we need someone their for us and what got none!

My favorite part was when Marisol and John meet because its not often meeting people you like threw an interest of writing

I wouldnt change nothing about this book because it was perfectly written!

My recommendation is that anytime you feel alone talk to a family member your pretty close to its not the end of life Keep Calm!

This book uses a teenager language that probably most of high schoolers use at home!

5 Adjectives that describe this book are interesting, sad, lonely,friendship ness and inspiring!