Do you know how a Desert is formed

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A Desert is a land form a Desert has many such as a India Desert polar Desert Coastal Desert. This sigh in is a Desert may look like a lot of pices of sand but it has plants and anmales suchn as catsies and foxes Deserts are hot during the day and cool at night there is very little water on very rare acashen there is rain untile the Desert is an intresting land form on a scale between 1 and 10 I would give it a 10. Deserts are fasnating.
There are meny Deserts in the world such as Gobi Desert and the Sahara Dresert and the India Desert Artic Coastsl and there are meny Deserts in the worlds.

Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert is located in china Asai it is very dry and rarly rains and has a dryed up river that use to have water years ago and has some abandened houses from a while ago that may have some treasure left that's the Gobi Desert.

Sahara Desert

The Sarhara Desert is located is India Parkisian and is simlare to the Gobi Desert but it is bigger then the Gobi desert and has more abanded housesthen the Gobi Dersert and it is longer then the Gobi Desert and it has a ship reak I think this a great desert.


Atacomab Desert is located in Chile a relly long desert and has lots of abanded houses from long ago and has a abanded villeges and have tresures the Atacoma Desert is then longest deserts in the world it is very dry with 1 out of 10 chane of rain it is a very great desert.

Arctic Desert

The artic desert is located Canda not a desert is in the artic it is very coald there and panquins live there it has lots of water and it has no catise in it it has ice bergs there and meny animales living there is water there then like othere deserts such as the Gobi desert it dose not have have abanded hoses it is very cold and very uneak in so meny ways it is amazing.