Overview of Holocaust

The Holocaust was the systematic, state murder of Jews & others by Nazis during [The World War ll]

Definition/Background Information

A small detachment of Ernst Rohem's Brownshirts formed to act as an elite bodyguard for Adolf Hitler.

The schtzstaffel was a group of personal bodyguards founded by Adolf Hitler ,The Schtzstaffel(SS) grew in size from 300 to 50,000 in 1933. Because of this the Schtzstaffel gained control of Germany police forces, This allowed the Schtzstaffel to gain many responsibilities. Which caused the (SS) to divide into 3 Sub-Units The Aleiengine(SS) & The Waffen(SS) ,and The Armed(SS) As these units combined the organization of the Schtzstaffel consisted the over 250,000 troops by 1939.

Original Research Question

What was the contribution of Schtzstaffel(ss) ?

A: The Schtzstaffel was contributed in The Holocaust, as The infamous (SS), which were created by Adolf Hitler, to act as Protection Force at Hitler's mass meetings in public. Many of the meetings were violent & ugly during, the Nazis early quest for power. They Also formed The Brownshirted(SS) of Ernst Rohem's , A.K.A The Initials SA. In Which grew in size from 300 to 50.000 in 1933. Because of this the Schtzstaffel gained control of Greman Police forces.In which gained new responsibilities for the (SS) which also caused the Schutzstaffel to gain many responsibilities,in which the (SS) divided into 3 sub-units, The Aliengine(SS) & The The Waffen(SS), and The Armed(SS). These Units combined consisted over 250,000 troops..


"Germans who wish to use firearms should join The Schtzstaffel(SS), or The (SA) -Ordinary citizen's don't need gun's, as their having gun's doesn't serve the state.'' -Henrich Himmler

I chose this quote by Henrich Himmler because it is a deep/Inspiring quote meaning that those that have the authority to use guns or have been into the wars with army..should be sevring the (SS) or The (SA), Those who don't have the authority to use firearms should not be serving The (SS) or the state.


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