Gordie howe

Gordie howe is as fast as lightning

Gordie howe chilhood

Gordie Howe was a Canadian hockey player. That was the best in his league at age 5.when he was little his dad was a famous hockey player.He was a amazing passer.He could pass it tape to tape!He also wanted to live up to his dad!!His dad is mark marty.

about Gordie Howe

gordie Howe scored about 800 goals and 1100 assists. Witch is a record for a right wing wing. he has 1900 points about in total.He can pass the puck all the way down the red line.He was known for his long passes and were tape to tape!He is still in the hall of fame for many hall of fammer records!!


team/sport info.

Gordie Howe is 6.0 tall.His number was 9!!He weighed about 205 pounds.Also played for NHL from 1947 to 1971.

tidbits about gordie Howe

Gordie Howe was born in 1928.He played Right Wing for the Detroit red wings.He was named MVP 6 times.He played 36 seasons total.
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