Communism Is Not A Good Government!

Breahna Jenkins Block 2

All About Communism

Communism is a form of Government that runs and owns all resources of the Country which includes property, and wealth. This is a movement that will create a classless, moneyless, and equal social structure for everyone in the society which I believe is not acceptable. This type of Government will effect Countries poorly because people will get greedy, the economy will deteriorate, and us humans thrive on being unique which communism will impede.

The Head of Communism and All About Legislature

The head of this Government is a Dictator. They have supreme authority and total control of the land and its production. The Dictator proposes all of the laws and the Legislature has basically no power except to pass the laws their leader proposes. In China the National Legislature is indirectly elected by People's Congress. Governors, Mayors, heads of counties, districts, townships, or towns are by the respective Local People's Congresses. The other countries with this type of Government may have a different system. There is around 2,987 people in the Legislature of China. The Dictator candidate either scares people into getting elected to become dictator or they just take complete power over the Country. Do you really want that to be your type of government, and do you want to be scared your whole life of your leader who is supposed to make you feel secure?

Voting and Rights of Citizens

In some Communist countries like Vietnam it is mandatory to vote, and it is not your choice. You can't even have a say on the choices on the Ballot! Communism does not give you many rights at all! You can't have Freedom of Religion or Freedom of Expression because everyone is supposed to be equal in this form of Government. You can't make your own choices if you have this form of Government; Do you really want that?

How Communism is Different Than The U.S.' Democratic Government; What I Think of Communism

I believe that Communism is a lot different than the U.S' Government. One major way it is different is because this type of Government creates a classless, moneyless and equal social structure, which is not going to make an improvement to our Country or any other Country. The U.S. has Democracy and that can effect us for the better because people will have more affluence in Democracy than in Communism. I believe that Communism is a bad type of Government because it will make our economy plummet drastically. I highly and strongly oppose Communism it will effect our Country poorly. I would prefer Democracy much more for our Country.

Three Countries That Have Communism Currently


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