Causes of World War 1

Morgan McGaughey


Military was one main cause of World War 1. As technology and countries became more advanced, countries engaged in arms race. Countries increased their militaries by amassing weapons, troops/soldiers, and they also improved their navies.


Alliances were some of the most difficult things. Example: Austria-Hungary went to war with Serbia, Russia got involved defending Serbia. Germany then declared war on Russia; meanwhile France was drawn against Germany and Austria-Hungary. Germany attacks France through Belgian bringing Britain into this mess of a world. Just then Japan is here, then later Italy and the U.S. come in. See, it's a really big mess.


Every country was proud of its own. In this, other countries thought they could take control of others, this caused a lot of fighting.


Imperialism is a nation’s conquest of other territories around the world. So you can see how this would cause conflict. Ex: I take control you you, you fight back, and all MANIA breaks lose.

Assasination of Archduke Ferdinand

The assassination of this man was difficult. Austria-Hungary's control over Serbia and regions of Europe were ceased because of this, too.


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