Learning Styles

What learning style are you?


Do you like to read books, gives oral presentations, discussing and debates and explain things? If so this might be you.


Do you like to conduct experiments, work with numbers, good at math, problem solving and reasoning? If so you might be Logical/Mathematical


Do you like to move around, touch, talk? Are you good at sports, dancing, gymnastics and crafts? If you are then you might be Bodily/Kinesthetic


Do you like to draw, build, design and create? Are you a daydreamer? Are you good at sensing changes, puzzles, mazes and reading charts? If you are you might be Visual/Spatial


Do you like to sing, him tunes, listen to music, play an instrument? Are you good at picking sounds, remembering melodies, noticing pitch, rhythm and patters? If you are this could be you.


Do you have lots of friends, like to talk and join groups? Are you good at understanding people, communicating and mediation? If you are this could be you.


Do you like to work alone, reflective, self-aware, instinctual and original? If you are you could be Intrapersonal.


DO you like to work outside, enjoy geography, weather, learning about the environment and works with animals? Are you good at categorizing? If you are any of this you could be Naturalistic