Uvalde High School Newsletter

JUNE 2020


Greetings UHS , UCISD & UVALDE!

As we move forward after graduation and all of the commencement activities, I want to thank everyone that has made this a successful school year. We are currently in the midst of a virtual summer program, virtual registration and planning for the year to come.

Students & Parents:

Summer Activities

[While Observing Social Distancing Guidelines]

We are currently having strength & conditioning camps for all athletics at UHS and have scheduled a High Stepper, Cheer and Mariachi Camp for the month of July. Please contact the us if you wish to have more information.


Please make sure that you log onto skyward and pre-register to request the courses that are of interest for the next school year.

Advanced Academics:

If a student is planning to be enrolled in an honors or AP course, then they MUST complete their ePortfolio by no later than June 30th! No exceptions.

Campus/School Re-Entry:

We are currently looking on what re-entry to Uvalde High School will look like for the upcoming year. As of today, we are to be scheduled to return in August as indicated in the board approved District Calendar. If any changes arise, the District leadership will communicate that to the entire community.

This next month, we will continue striving for excellence by doing everything possible for our students' success and each other. Thank you for all that you do. "Rep the U!"


Miguel A. Castillo, Principal

Uvalde High School - Our Vision

It is the vision of Uvalde High School that educators, students, parents/guardians and the community will work together to create and uphold a world class school where students display excellence in all they do.

At Uvalde High School, students will embrace challenges and opportunities to think critically and solve complex problems. They will express themselves with confidence and respect, and they will demonstrate support for one another. They will put forth quality effort in their learning and exhibit loyalty toward pride of, and unity within our school.

Our school will utilize communication and support from parents/guardians and the community in making school related decisions. Students will be actively and passionately involved in school and in the community and will focus on becoming responsible citizens to ensure success in future endeavors.

Uvalde High School - Believing in "U"

Uvalde High School administration, teachers and staff will help develop, implement, and maintain a culture of service that is based on the following:

Students always come first &

All students can learn and achieve.

This precept simply states that failure will not be tolerated. We will believe that when a child fails to learn, it is the system that fails – not the child. The campus (administration and the entire staff) must assume ownership and accept accountability for the learning outcomes of every child. The students shall be held no more accountable than the adults and vice versa. We will value the individual, their intrinsic value and ability to be part of their decision process in attaining a quality education. This belief will provide the foundation that promotes a culture that continuously strives for excellence.