Good vs. Evil

Does good always triumph over evil? if so what is the cost?

The Hobbit

In the hobbit there are characters that are immediately known as the "bad" characters. But there is a grey area in each character, Bilbo is asked to be a thief. Others are blinded by the idolatry of objects and fame. There is a bad in each good character. Therefore there is evil used to overcome a bigger evil. That makes evil really the winner in the end.

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The story of Cinderella is about a young girl that is under the authority of a wicked step mother. She is kept from the world and told that she is worthless. One day when there is a ball with the prince her step family is consumed with the possibility of capturing the attention of the prince. Cinderella dreams of going to this ball but her step mother does everything to keep her from going. She, in the end, through a series of events goes to this ball and gets the attention of the prince. When the clock strikes she returns home forgetting one shoe. He then seeks her out to marry her and live happily ever after. This is a story of the good winning in the end. Even though she was meant to not go and live under the authority of her wicked step family forever she was able to overcome that and become a princess. The spot that her step sisters tried so hard to get.

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Wizard of Oz

In the wizard of Oz Dorothy and her faithful helpers are confronted by the Wicked Witch of the West. There is a battle going on between the wicked and the good in OZ and Dorothy is right in the middle. The ruby slippers cause a battle between these forces. The witch wants to kill Dorothy in order to get the shoes. She then imprisons the Kansas native and intends to do just that. In the end in order to save the scarecrow Dorothy splashes water on him, ultimately getting it on the witch as well killing her. The good overcame the bad and freed those that we trapped by the witches spell. But Dorothy was only killing the witch selfishly to get herself back home. Therefore there is a little evil in her. She was self consumed.

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World war II

During the time before war was declared there was an evil extermination taking place in Germany by a Dictator named Adolf Hitler. He was convinced that he was purifying the human race by exterminating people of different races and backgrounds. He then began to take over countries like Poland and planned to take over the whole world. Eventually the allied powers interceded on the behalf of those being slaughtered. Hitler began to become more desperate as the allied troops became closer to defeating him. This lead to his eventual suicide in April of 1945. The bad was defeated and the good triumphed. But at what cost, there was a World war that took place in order for the "good" to win. This cost many lives in the end. There is some bad and evil that came out of the overall "good."

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The conjuring

The movie is the story of the world renown demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren. There is an evil tormenting a family in their new home. In the end the demon is done away with by the Warrens but through a series of traumatizing events to both them and the family. This case included a high cost in order for the good to win. The warrens had to put their lives on the line in order to win the battle between the demonic force. This is much like what Beowulf did. He put his life on the line in order to destroy the monster that was tormenting a local tribe.

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The crucible

This is a battle between the good and evil! In order for good to win in this case someone had to sacrifice their life. John proctor gave his life in order to make a statement that Abigail was evil and he was innocent! He gave his life to in order to beat the evil in Salem and stop the trials of innocent people!

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