Fabulous Friday Facts

September 9th

Important Dates

Monday 9/12: 7:45 MTSS meeting at primary

Tuesday 9/13: Notice and Note fiction strategies at Intermediate (8:15)

** RSVP to Wendy if you are coming

Wednesday 9/14: Staff meeting PBL Information (7:45)

Thursday 9/15:

Friday 9/16: Coach Meeting for Wendy and Cara

Important, Urgent, Needs Your Attention

Writing Prompt:

We are requesting that all grades K-7 have their students do a writing prompt 3 times

per year. The first writing prompt needs to be done prior to September 16th, 2016. More information on grading to follow later. We are using a different rubric this year, so please wait to grade.

Primary Prompt: Tell a story about a time in your life.

Upper grades: Tell a story about a time in your

life that you learned something.

Test Scores

PAARC, MAP, and DIBEL scores will go home to parents today or early next week. As a team, you may want to discuss how to handle questions.

Calling all teams!!

Each team this year will present at Accountability one night, 6th/7th has already done theirs. We need teams to sign up for each month. Please do this by September 23rd or you will be assigned to a night. We ask that you do a 20 minute presentation about one thing your teams is doing or several. We strongly encourage kids to be involved. Please sign up on the linked document.


Natalie-Thank you for taking the time to enter ALL of fourth grade students' names into Moby Max for the team!

Rhoda-Thank you for taking your ENTIRE weekend to make spread sheets of ALL fourth graders that includes every piece of information needed (with pictures!)

Amy W.-You are a wonderful teammate to work with and I appreciate your ideas and the way you provide clarity.

Melanie-It is a pleasure to work with you. You have such vision and wonderful ways to articulate your ideas!

Heidi-Thank you for navigating the tech challenges with iPads. We appreciate your willingness to help find solutions.

Sean, Tonia, Wendy, Melissa, and Alisha-Exploding Kittens. Enough said!!

Tonia, Amy W, Colleen, Amanda- Thank you for coming to the whole accountability meeting

6th/7th grade team- thanks for presenting at accountability 1st


You need to have the book Culture of Quality read by the September 28th staff meeting. If you for some reason don't have a copy please talk to Cara or Wendy.


IEG's are due October 3rd. Please contact Cara or Wendy if you would like help to write these.

Things You May Be Interested In (Optional to Read)

Character Traits for CREW- Order and Definitions

1. Respect: Thinking and acting in a positive way about yourself and others, and the world around you, that shows you care.

2. Compassion: Showing kindness and helping someone through a hard time.

3. Integrity: Being strong enough to do what you know is right, even when it is difficult.

4. Perseverance: Set goals and keep trying

5. Collaborative: We can work together towards a common goal. We can communicate effectively so that everyone is heard.

6. Critical Thinker: Investigating in different ways

Burst Training

Burst intervention is an approved intervention for students on a READ plan. Schools use a variety of strategies to provide the 30 minutes each day of instruction that the Burst intervention requires. The READ Act Team will be providing a three-hour Burst training specifically for teachers. Substitutes will be provided by the READ act for this training. The training session will be capped at 45 teachers. Teachers should sign up for this class in ESS. If you have questions about this training, please contact Kim Ballantyne at 303-982-6425 or kballant@jeffco.k12.co.us.

Please complete the short leave form and return it to Margaret Baily (Ed Center, 2nd Floor)

Sessions: DELABI September 8th Irwin Preschool 1:00-4:00 (Please park on the street)

JCEA Professional Learning

JCEA is providing two upcoming professional learning opportunities to support teachers.

Co-Teaching: Basics for Success, taught by Beth Low, Sept 10, Course Code INCOTC, session 0001

I Can Do It: Classroom Management Training, Oct. 1, Course Code INICDI, session 0001

For more information please visit the JCEA professional development page.

Article 5

This is a link to article 5 in the contact that you may want to read so you understand what it means.

Accountability Minutes

This is a link to the notes from what was discussed at Accountability.

These are the terms that parents came up with for each of our traits.

Are you interested in ways to bolster vocabulary instruction in your classroom?

The Elementary English Language Arts team will be launching a new facilitated online Schoology course, Meaningful Vocabulary Instruction, this semester. The online session features similar content to sessions presented in March 2016 LSA Session and the August 2016 L3 Session, but expands on the classroom application component. Don't miss the opportunty to ramp up how to incorporate vocabulary instruction into your daily instruction and learn about valuable tools to assist you in the classroom. Sign-up in ESS using the codeBDLMVI Session 1. Classes begin next week on September 14th!

Molly Brown House Museum

Hurry - Last Chance!!! The Jeffco Social Studies department, in partnership with the Molly Brown House Museum, would like to extend an invitation to participate in an exciting and personalized opportunity! A small group of Jeffco educators will attend a unique event this Saturday, September 10, 2016 (10-12pm). Our private group will engage in discussion related to purposeful field trips, and explore the museum’s offerings alongside the Director of Education, Jamie Wilms. Discussion will be facilitated by Amy Dowell and Sarah Hurd - Social Studies content team members. You will be treated to a personal visit from Margaret, a free voucher for a tour, and a classroom resource. Clock hours will also be available. Please join us for this event that connects Jeffco educators with community partners and engages you in an interactive, purposeful, focused and FUN morning! Please complete this form in order to RESERVE your spot NOW. An email confirmation will be sent with details.

Jeffco Tech Share Fair

It’s almost here! The Jeffco Tech Share Fair is September 17th at Arvada West H.S. Visit our website to sign up to attend, check out our session descriptions, and schedule your day of learning. Don’t miss out on this fun of day learning and sharing!


Centering on Differentiated, Layered Centers

Early Learning and Readiness, in partnership with the Math and ELA Content Teams, is inviting kindergarten, first, second, and third grade teachers to attend a Centering on Differentiated, Layered Centers session designed to deepen teacher understanding of:
  • The workshop structure in math and literacy;
  • Planning for best instructional practice grounded in Jeffco Curriculum; and
  • Differentiated math and literacy centers for upcoming units to be shared with colleagues.
Grade-level teams are encouraged to attend together. This is a two-part learning opportunity. The Part 1 sessions will be learning and planning. In preparation for Part 2, teachers will plan one layered center around a math strand andone layered reading center around a literacy strand for an upcoming unit of study. During the Part 2 sessions, teachers will share their literacy and math centers, plan for roll-out of centers, and organize materials.

If you have questions, please contact Stacy Oryshchyn, Holly Sexton, or Joan Farrow.

Part 1 Offerings:

This is a two-part learning opportunity. Part 1 includes the foundational learning around a workshop structure and differentiated, layered centers. Once you have attended any Part 1 session (including last school year), you may attend any/all Part 2 sessions.

When: Monday, September 12, 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Where: Ed Center Board Room
ECDLC: Session 1