Animal Experimentation

By: Visesh Nathan

Should We Cruelly Experiment (Torture) On Animals For The Good Of Humans?


Animal experimentation is a controversy facing the world today. In my opinion, I think that it is wrong if it is harmful to the animal. Bunnies like this one are being tortured as we speak and being physiologically and physically hurt for life. But, I am all for experiments that help the world of science WITHOUT harming the animal such as the video button below. We are all God's creatures, and we should all be treated equally.


  • A scientist testing harmful chemicals on a certain species of animal
  • Testing cosmetics on a bunny's' eyes
  • Banning all animal tested cosmetics from the EU, Israel, and India
  • Highly developed countries are letting this happen without realizing that it is hurting the animals (the animals are helpless and cannot talk)
  • Companies want new, untested ingredients in their products


  • That species may go extinct (once it is extinct, nobody can bring it back)
  • The bunny is blinded for life
  • raises world awareness of cruel and painful animal experimentation
  • The experiments go on and will eventually deplete the animals
  • Those companies are then testing the new, possibly harmful ingredients on the poor, helpless animals.
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In conclusion, I think that animals should be treated just like humans. they too, have feelings and can feel pain. Of course, they should not be able to vote, or drive, but they should be respected. All around the world, animals are treated unfairly. For example, a lot of horses get gashes on their necks because they are travelling in trailers made for cattle. This is unacceptable. I believe that animals should be treated with the respect that they deserve.


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