Big Spring ISD

Continuing Education Professional Development Catalog

REQUIRED Compliance Training - Summer PD, Day 1

In order to receive the 3 paid Comp Waiver days scheduled in November 2022, BSISD requires ALL staff to complete the following virtual trainings between May 31, 2022 – August 7, 2022.

The following compliance trainings are required for ALL employees every year. Please review the links below and complete the Google Quiz at the end of each one prior to returning to your campus on August 8, 2022. Employees must review the following:

The following compliance trainings are required to be completed by all staff on a yearly basis: (completion of Google Forms at the end of each training or the Gateway certificate at the end of the seizure training is required) These sessions count as ONE DAY of summer staff development.*


  • Prevention and Awareness: Human Trafficking of School-Aged Children
  • Recognizing/Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect
  • Addressing Bullying: Physical, Mental, Social, or Cyberbullying
  • Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Seizure and Epilepsy Training
  • Stop Harassment


  • Teacher and Student Personal Boundaries
  • Educator-Student Interaction, Including Social Media
  • Valuing Parents in Education
  • Student Discipline and Teacher-Anger Management

*Teachers MAY choose to complete two different days of training during the summer prior to teachers returning on contract August 8, 2022. These teachers will have until August 31, 2022, to complete the compliance training for the 2022-2023 school year.

Child Safety

Prevention and Awareness: Human Trafficking of School-Aged Children

The purpose of this module is to assist and equip educators in meeting the training requirements for the Commissioner's Rule (TAC §61.1051) on reporting Child Abuse, Neglect, including Trafficking of a Child. Each district and open-enrollment charter school must maintain records that include the name of each staff member who participated in training (TAC §61.1051).

This link will take you directly to the Human Trafficking video. Be sure you "LOG IN" at the upper right of your screen so the training is linked to your account for your personal records and you complete the 2022 BSISD training sign-off form HERE.

Employee and Student Health/Safety

Teacher Expectations

Student Discipline and Teacher Anger Management

Review the Slides and complete the QUIZ at the end.

Summer PD Day 2 and 3 Options:

After completing the yearly required compliance trainings listed above, teachers may select from a variety of summer professional development options to earn their SECOND day of summer PD. Below is simply a list of possible options provided as a courtesy for teachers to consider, but are in no way inclusive of all approved options. Region 18 is hosting a wealth of valuable trainings all summer long and should really be considered for teachers looking to find professional development opportunities.

All teacher self-selected summer professional development MUST be approved by the campus principal PRIOR to completing the training.

Region 18 Service Center

The Region 18 Educational Service Center may have some on-site workshops for school staff. As a PLATINUM district, most workshops are now offered FREE OF CHARGE to BSISD teachers.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is a course that teaches you how to help someone who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge. The training helps you identify, understand, and respond to signs of addictions and mental illnesses.

Classes must have a minimum of 5 participants to register. Contact Ida Hambrick at for more information.

DMAC Virtual Academy

BSISD uses DMAC to monitor student assessment results as well as document student progress, develop formative/summative assessments, house teacher appraisals, and more. Learn more about the following DMAC features such as:

· - Online testing (TAG and TEKScore)

· - Documentation (Student Portfolio, RtI, and FormWorks)

· - Reports (State Assessment, lead4ward, and Data Export)

· - Appraisals (T-TESS and TIA/T-PESS)

· - District and campus plans (PlanWorks)

· - LPAC

· - PK-2 in DMAC

BSISD DMAC district administrators:

Dana Scott

Gina McWilliams

Instructional Technology

For teachers looking to hone their Google Classroom or technology skills:

Instructional Technology Training Opportunities - GOOGLE CLASSROOM

Google Classroom

Big Spring ISD IS a Google Classroom District K-12.

Transform your classroom with Google Classroom. Google Classroom streamlines assignments, boosts collaboration, and fosters seamless communication to make teaching more productive and meaningful.

Learn more on getting started with Google Classroom

Please email Marie Mashburn at if you need help with Google Classroom.

Google Educator Certification

You've spent the time growing your skills, now get certified to be recognized for the work you've done. You may select one or both of two educator certifications so that you can show mastery at the level that's right for you. Use the content in the teacher center and your own teaching experience to best prepare you for the performance-based exams.

Gifted and Talented

6UP - GT 6 Hour Update Opportunities

Need your required GT 6-hour update? Region 18 is hosting SEVERAL 6UP - GT 6-hour update opportunities on July 20 @ Region 18 ESC. There will be sessions for serving GT students in the four content areas, serving Low SES GT students, as well as the new state-required GT trainings for counselors and administrators. Upon completion of the 6-hour sessions, teachers, counselors, and administrators will receive GT credit.

Please go to the Region 18 Calendar and search "GT" in the Keyword box.

Texas Gateway

Texas Gateway has SEVERAL free online professional development courses for school employees to review located at

There are courses for practically every grade level and subject. Just complete the course that applies to your subject area and turn in your printed certificate to your administrator in August.

Handle with Care - available to ALL staff members

Handle with Care (formerly CPI)

Handle With Care is the world-renown leader in crisis intervention and behavior management training services to human services staff, healthcare providers, community and juvenile programs, families, educators, and schools. For over 30 years, Handle With Care has earned an international reputation for teaching the safest and most powerful verbal and physical intervention methods in the history of the industry.

This training will be offered throughout the 2022-2023 school year.

If you are interested in this training, please contact Dr. Tyler Sheppard or Terry Kubena


Classroom aides should complete any behavior training or find something that closely aligns with either the type of student they typically serve (ELL, SPED, etc) or aligns with a specific content they provide academic services for (Math, English, etc).

Behavior RTI

Behavior is an area of RTI implementation that has a pivotal impact on student success. Students need a school with a safe, positive environment to build relationships with peers and teachers. We have included tools for campus needs assessment in the area of behavior and links to Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) resources. This year a new focus will be on promoting positive relationships and restorative practices in schools. Please watch the videos in their entirety at this website:
(3 CPE credits)

English Language Learners

Do you have English learners in your classroom? Do you expect to have English learners in the future? According to demographic trends, the answer is yes. Many Texas teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and parents come to us asking for support. They are often seeking to make sure their English learners progress in TELPAS and STAAR, and that their day-to-day interactions with their students increase student well-being. Are your English learners engaged? How do you make sure they are comprehending? Are you being culturally responsive and supportive enough?

New Teachers - LOOK HERE!!!

Teachers NEW to the profession will be required to attend the BSISD New Teacher Academy. For new teachers joining BSISD:

Beginning teachers are our most valuable and precious resources. Helping these teachers to flourish and grow can be some of the most important work we do as educators. All teachers new to BSISD are required to attend.

The New Teacher Academy kicks off Aug 3 with Welcome to BSISD - Getting to Know the BSISD Way. We will start at 8:00 am in the High School Library (707 East 11th Place). We look forward to meeting our classroom leaders.

An Introduction to TEKS Resource: TEKS Resource is our online curriculum framework for all subject areas. This FREE training will help new teachers become familiar with how to navigate their subject area and identify the required student expectations to be taught. Be sure to call Brandie Garcia in Curriculum (432-264- at least 2 days prior to attending for your TEKS Resource username and password.