Maple Syrup Producing

Learn About Maple Syrup

Where is Maple Syrup produced in Canada

Maple Syrup is produced in Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The top producer's of maple syrup in Canada are:

Quebec: 7,989,000 gallons harvest

Ontario: 400,000 gallons harvest

New Brunswick: 300,000 gallons harvest

Nova Scotia: 22,000 gallons harvest

Who is involved with the producing of Maple Syrup

The people who are involved with the producing of maple syrup are the people who collect and harvest the maple syrup. For example Quebec Fort Knox of Maple Syrup.

How is Maple Syrup Produced

When does Producing Maple Syrup Happen

Producing maple syrup takes place in the season of summer, fall or early winter. It also takes place in the month of February, March and April.

How much maple syrup is produced

Canada is the world leader in production of maple syrup and related products. In 2012 Canada produced 7.9 million gallons of maple syrup but in 2007, Canada produced 67.6 million pounds of maple syrup.