Richard feynmann

Born May: 11 ,1918 died Feburary:15 ,1988

Nationality: American born: Far Rockaway, NY

Richard P. Feynman was an American physicist he was an important figure in post world war 2 era

Contribution 1

worked on Manhattan project from 1939 to 1942 at first he was not interested in building

he visited his wife on the weekends when his wife died he consumed himself in work so

he would not be distracted by her death in almost no time the bomb was complete.

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contribution 2

redefined the field of electrodynamics the theory of interaction between light and matter

when he was at Cornell university and someone threw a plate and tossed person to person

Contribution 3

explained challenger Disaster he served on a 12 member team to solve the space shuttle explosion.
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Interesting fact

won Nobel Prize in physics in 1965 for his work in electrodynamics


In conclusion Richard Feynman was a very important scientist in history