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January 2021

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School Supplies

It is time to restock school supplies for your students. Whether a digital learner or an in-person learner, students need the tools and supplies to be able to do their work.

We do ask that all in-person students bring the necessary school supplies when they return to school on Thursday, January 7.


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Parents of Digital Learners

We invite you to join Ms. Bedoya the 2nd Tuesday of each month for a parent support meeting. Being the parent of a digital learner can be very stressful. We are here to help! Our January session is next Tuesday, 1/12/2021.

We hope to see you there!

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Gwinnett County Public Schools' Publications

Gwinnett County Public Schools offers multiple publications throughout the year to communicate with its stakeholders. Take some time to view these publications. This is a great way to be an informed Gwinnett County citizen. You are welcome to share these with other citizens who do not have school age children.

Accountability Reports

Gwinnett County Public Schools has developed an accountability system for improving schools called the Results-Based Evaluation System (RBES). School accountability reports provide consolidated information on a school's effectiveness based on multiple measures and student characteristics.

View Accountability Reports


Communiqué is the school system’s online magazine, with news and stories about your classrooms, your schools, and your community.

View Communiqué


The GCPS e-Newsletter is a quick, easy way to learn more about Georgia’s largest school system. Read recent issues of GCPS' community e-newsletter or sign up to receive the GCPS e-Newsletter.

View eNews


Published in a printed format twice a year, Essentials focuses on key programs around the district, calendar notes, achievement highlights, and the “essential” news you don’t want to miss.

View Essentials

News You Can Use

Published weekly, News You Can Use provides information about recent honors, events, programs around the district, calendar notes, achievement highlights, and other information to metro-area news media outlets.

Teaching Gwinnett Podcast

“Teaching Gwinnett” is a Gwinnett County Public Schools podcast that tackles important, relevant, and timely topics that impact the school district's more than 200,000 students and staff.


In5: A weekly news show with news and information about GCPS and its schools

Focus Moments: Focus Moments are short video segments highlighting Gwinnett County Public Schools news and events, reflecting GCPS’ ongoing commitment to academic excellence. Watch informative stories and learn why GCPS continues to be the school system of choice.

Videos on Demand: The GCPS-TV webpage provides access to videos on a wide range of topics… from GCPS-produced shows to events and Board of Education meetings to information on major initiatives.

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Get involved in the conversation on Educational Equity

The Gwinnett County Board of Education is committed to educating all students and to providing the resources needed to support high-quality teaching and learning for all. The district is focused on increasing student achievement, as well as improving access and increasing opportunities, through the implementation of equitable and inclusive educational and workplace policies and practices.

Gwinnett County Public Schools encourages you to learn more about our work in this area. You are invited to take part in an online survey that will gather feedback on proposed changes to district procedures. The survey will open through January 1.

District shares calendar changes for 2nd semester- MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

Teachers will have more time and resources for planning instruction this spring as they work to support both in-person and digital learning for their students. At the Nov. 19 School Board meeting, district leaders shared two changes to the calendar for 2nd semester.

The calendar now calls for students to return to learning (in the classroom or online) on Thursday, Jan. 7, a day later than originally planned. Teachers will participate in planning/staff development on two days—Jan. 5 and 6—before classes begin. This change will give teachers an extra day for planning and staff development.

In another calendar change designed to extend planning opportunities for teachers, four days in the spring—Jan. 26, March 2, March 16, and April 20—have been designated as Digital Learning Days (DLD). On these school days, all students, both in-person and digital learners, will learn at home. Learning will be asynchronous, meaning that students will not have a scheduled log-in time or planned “Zoom” session. Instead, they will complete assigned work at their own pace. Students who are unable to complete assignments on DLDs will be given the opportunity to complete assignments when they return to school.

On Jan. 6 and on the four Digital Learning Days in the spring, GCPS will provide meals for curbside pick-up at schools and will deliver along all middle school bus routes countywide.

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Building Babies Brains- Gwinnett County

*Did you know learning begins at birth?

*Did you know that a child’s brain is 80% developed at 4 years and 90% at 5 years? The first five years of life are critical to your child’s future. Your role as a teacher is one of the most important things you can do for your child. We are here to help! All you need to do is participate in simple activities like reading, singing, and talking with your child at an early age and often.

*Did you know that 52% of our Gwinnett children are not ready for Kindergarten according to the GCPS Kindergarten Readiness Entry Profile?


Start Building Your Teacher Toolkit

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