Madison Elementary Art


We're already in the second month of school and students have been hard at work in art class!

Kindergarten: They finished January learning about moods depicted by famous artists and how to use colors to express feelings. This month they will be working several weeks on a project inspired by the book Rainbow Fish. They will cut, draw and color patterns, and finish their fish art by making them 3D. This month they will also be painting a Valentine's Day themed creation.

1st Grade: Students learned about point of view or perspective in artwork and created a collage of a snow man looking up. They also explored texture as seen in famous artwork and then created crayon rubbings from various texture plates. Next up are self-portraits!

2nd Grade: Artist Charley Harper was the inspiration for second grade's winter bird collage. Students are currently working on Pop Art hearts after learning about the well known art movement and artists of Pop Art. Second graders will also be working on a self-portrait for the remainder of the month.

3rd Grade: We looked at art from Africa and specifically folk art related to the book called The Calabash Cat. Students then drew animals and filled them with patterns inspired by African art. Next, students will be designing their dream skyscraper as part of a program by Alabama Center for Architecture.

4th Grade: After looking at many examples of stained glass and Rose windows, students are creating their own round, symmetrical stained glass designs. They will complete their artwork with watercolor paint. Fourth graders will also be drawing designs for a dream skyscraper for the Alabama Center for Architecture.

5th Grade: Students study the art of Wayne Thiebaud, famous Pop Art painter. They explore the forms he created in his paintings of cakes and draw their own. Next, students will color and shade their drawings to complete their practice in realistic art.

6th Grade: We discussed one-point perspective and the vocabulary terms horizon line and vanishing point. Students began drawing a city using one-point perspective. Towards the end of the month, sixth graders will be studying surrealism and creating a surrealist work out of images from magazines.

About the teacher:

I am a graduate of Bob Jones High School and went to the University of Kansas where I received a BAE-Bachelors in Art Education. I live in Madison with my husband Taylor and our dog and two cats. I am a big Kansas basketball fan, Rock Chalk! I love to travel, read, jog with my dog and paint when I have the time.