Japanese manga/ anime

Naruto Summary

This manga is really famous. For the ones that don't know about manga they are books from Japan. Naruto is my favorite one because it has a lot of action, it also has humor and it teaches you about life. The thing I really like is that no one believes that Naruto will become Hokage, the leader of their village, but he never gives up. He doesn't care about what people tell him to do or not to do he's just him, troublesome and a knucklehead that wants to get attention from people that don't respect him. It teach me on not caring about what people think about me or didn't believe in me, and that's why getting were you always wanted to be and rubbing it those people's face would be worth it.

Anyway, the manga is about Naruto and his ninja world. he gets into a team of 4 people, Uchiha Sasuke, Hurano Sakura, Hatake Kakashi, and him Uzumaki Naruto. They go to missions and fight some powerful ninja. Later on this bad organization comes, they want to collect some demons, you'll get it if you read it. Awesome,funny moments happen in this manga and in the anime. A lot of other manga's/ anime are like this, but Naruto is my favorite. The best of all is that you get really into it and forget about you'r surroundings, it makes you laugh so hard that people think you'r crazy, but it's worth it.

Kono chirashi o yonde itadaki arigatou gozaimasu.