Backpacking in the Wilderness!

Are you ready for a Canadian adventure?

Now with the option of night trips!

We ask you to join us on one of our three wilderness trips!

  1. Hiking through British Columbia on the Nootka Island Trail, a twenty-two mile adventure that takes you through a cove and beautiful beaches! if you do choose this trip keep in mind that it takes five to seven days to complete
  2. Manitoba, if you are willing to take a tough challenge this is the trail for you. The Mantario Trail take you through the Canadian Shield and to boreal forest, which are very interesting and beautiful places to visit.
  3. Prince Edward Island, a beautiful trail called the Confederation trail awaits you. This trail is 155 miles of pretty views, and takes you along many rivers and through picturesque villages and hardwood groves. Perfect for anyone looking for a more flat trail.
Please keep in mind you do not have to finish the PEI trail, there are many exits if you can not continue the long journey.

Things to bring along

  • windbreaker jacket
  • sunglasses
  • swimsuit (optional)
  • sunscreen
  • hiking shoes
  • socks that go above your ankle
  • snacks
  • backpack
  • waterbottle
  • money (just in case you see a shop)

Book your trip today!

adult- $30