By: Joe Faloon

Sunday Dinner

Every Sunday my family has a nice sit down dinner made by my mom.

Grillin out

Grilling out has always been a family tradition that we all enjoy. Mainly because im a beast with a grill.

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Football on thanksgiving

Every year there is a family football game on thanksgiving.


I come from a long line of racers and now drive sprint cars.

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Traveling around the world has always been something my family enjoys. My grandfather only has 18 countries left to visit

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Pool Tournaments

We have always had huge pool tournaments.

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I guess you could say that getting in trouble on roads has always been a family tradition, we cant just keep it on the track...

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Country music

My family has always traveled around to country concerts.

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Off road

Me and my cousins spend a lot of time off roading.

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My family members have always been into wake boarding, im not to good though.

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