Anne bradstreet

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Life of Anne

Anne Bradstreet was born in the year 1612 in Northampton, England. She was the daughter of Thomas Dudley and Dorothy Yorke. His father was the steward of the Earl of Lincoln. Her family’s good status helped her in having a good raising and education. In her growing years, Anne was taught history, several languages and literature. She was married to Simon Bradstreet at the age of sixteen. In 1630, boarding the Arbella ship which was a part of the Winthrop Fleet of Puritan emigrants, Anne, Simon and her parents immigrated to America. They reached America on June 14, 1630 at what is now Pioneer Village (Salem, Massachusetts). After a brief stay at the village, they moved to south along the coast to Charlestown, Massachusetts. After a short stay, they moved again, along the Charles River to the newly-found City on the Hill, Boston, Massachusetts. The family continued on moving and reached to a place which is now Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was there that Anne gave birth to her first child, Samuel in 1632. In the foundation of Harvard University in 1636, her husband and father made significant contribution. In spite of her poor health, she gave birth to eight children and kept her comfortable social standing. Anne was already once suffered from smallpox and when the illness struck her again, she was paralyzed in her joints. In 1640s when Anne was pregnant with her sixth child, Simon forced her to move from Ipswich to Andover Parish. The Bradstreet family along with other families such as the Stevens, Osgood, Johnson, Farnum, and Barker founded the town of North Andover in 1646.


Anne Hutchinson angered Puritan church leaders by publicly discussing religious ideas that some leaders thought radical. For example, Hutchinson believed that God speaks directly to people, apart from the Bible . A group of important community members often met at her home for religious discussions