Frontier Culture Museum

Friday, October 23rd

Thanks for coming out for this great trip!

Last week our class took a trip to the Frontier Culture Museum and the kids learned all about Western Africa, an Irish Farm in the 1800's, and what life would have been like in the Early Americas. The students truly loved this hands-on learning experience and we will be using what we learned in an upcoming project in class! More information will be coming soon!

Let the Kids be the Teacher!

A lot of parents were able to come and if you could not attend then we hope to see you next time! Either way, put your child to the test! Ask them questions about what they saw, smelled, heard, and did today. I am sure you will be impressed! They may even ask you to take them back so they can make you carry the water instead of me this time!

Check it out!

Maybe this can be the next outing for your family! This museum is in Staunton, VA and is $10 for adults, $6 for kids and free for kids 5 and under.