CAB Health and Expression

Info on Teaching and Learning in Health and Expression

What this is about

I wanted to create a space to share all of the great things that are happening in Sport and Expression around the globe. To give inspiration and ideas on things that you can do in your classroom. In the hectic start back to term I will try to put all of the information and links to resources in one place for you to access.

Teaching and Learning ideas

What are we doing as a Curriculum?

Below is some additional information about the support for teaching and learning within Health and Expression as well as links to the key areas.


As mentioned we will be using this as a means of reflecting on our practice every half term. You will be required to submit a review of things you have achieved or something you really want to share that has been a success. We will be using a Curriculum area blog for this so we can see what great things are going on in the area. You will need to create a wordpress account and then accept the invitation to join the curriculum blog.

The iTunes U course

I have created a course using iTunes U that enables me to give you lots of resources and to drive forward the great things we are doing as a department. In order to join you need to either follow the link from the email I sent or enter the following code in iTunes U on your iPad. FLN-3H9-W5C

I will be using this throughout the year for sharing of info to minimise sending emails so any issues enrolling give me a shout.

Recent blog posts from great educators to inspire and drive your own practice.

These posts are written by some great educators from around the world and will hopefully give you ideas and motivation to try out new things in your practice.

iPads in lessons

Some information on using your iPad in lessons to engage students

CPD opportunities and links

Sport resources

Below is a link to some great resources for PE

Further Reading to get you thinking about impact and challenge

Here are some excellent links to get you thinking about the wider context. Some will be specific to subjects but the message should be the ame. Why do we do what we do and what difference does it make.