World Language Newsletter

February 2016

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Immersion Family Stay Opportunities

Just a reminder that Language and Friendship offers INDIVIDUAL FAMILY-STAY PROGRAMS to France, Spain, Costa Rica & Argentina.

Our same, dedicated family-stay coordinators who place our groups also love placing our individual students for these longer stays.

The stays are for 3-4 weeks in June and July - a true immersion experience!

Registration for 2016-17

This week in their English classes, students will register for next year’s classes. Ninth-grade registers on Feb. 3, 10th grade on Feb. 4, and 11th grade on Feb. 5, 2016.

What World Language classes are available for 2016-2017?

French classes:

• French I

• French II

• French III

• French IV - 5 college credits possible

German classes:

• German I

• German II

• German III

• German IV - 4 college credits available

Spanish classes:

• Spanish I

• Spanish II

• Spanish III

• Spanish IV –

4 college credits possible

• Spanish V

8 college credits possible

• Medical Spanish

quarter class

• Spanish VI (AP Lit)

Should your child advance to the next level?

If the student’s grade in their current World Language class is a C (or higher), they may register for the next level of that language for next year. If they have less than a C in their current World Language class,
they should not register for the next level of the class for next year. If you have questions regarding your child’s situation, please contact their teacher.

To register for a Concurrent Enrollment/College in the Schools class, juniors need to be in the top ½ of their class or score 24 or higher on the ACT; seniors need to be in the top ½ of their class or score 21 or higher on the ACT.

To register for Medical Spanish, a student needs to have completed at least Spanish II with a C or higher.

How can study a World Language help your child?

  • You can get a good grade on a proficiency test which can earn you free college credit.
  • You could receive a good scholarship.
  • It helps you on the verbal part of the SAT y ACT tests.
  • You could use the language in your future job. See this article for some benefits of knowing a World Language:

World Language Teachers

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Teacher Contact Information

French Teachers
  1. Jill Hanson-Follingstad (French 1 & 4CIS)
  2. Meghan Johnson (French 2 & 3)

German Teachers

  1. Mary Fred Bausman-Watkins (German 1 & 2)
  2. Rebecca Bilbro (German 1 & 2)
  3. Jon Ingalsbe (German 2 &3)
  4. Birgit Pope (German 1 & 4S2S)

Spanish Teachers

  1. Jana Hidalgo (Spanish 3, 4CE & 4)
  2. Kate Dunklee (Spanish 2, 3 & Medical Spanish)
  3. Maria Lecceardone-Brown (Spanish 4 & 5CE)
  4. Betty Martin (Spanish 2)
  5. Amber Sevald (Spanish 1 & 3)
  6. Amy Steen (Spanish 1 & 3)
  7. Courtney Torrent (Spanish 2)
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French Student of the Month

Janette Osterberg

Janette is the French 1 student of the month. Janette comes to class every day with a positive attitude and willingness to help out. She participates well in class, and brings creativity and artistry to everything she does. Félicitations, Janette!

German Students of the Month

Zachary Proehl

Zachary works hard and is always ready to listen and participate. He did an especially great job this month, and I have enjoyed watching his confidence grow and his German get even better. Ausgezeichnet!

Paige Benson

Paige has been working really hard in German and is making outstanding progress. She is always the person who is able to answer difficult questions, motivated and ready to learn. Students really look up to her. Du machst das sehr gut Paige!

Spanish Students of the Month

Blake Conrad

Blake is the kind of student every teacher loves having in class. He always has a positive attitude and is ready to learn. In Spanish 4, Blake works hard to maintain all conversation in Spanish. He is such a pleasure to have in class. ¡Felicitaciones, Blake!

Madeline Gjorvad

Madeline is a wonderful student who embraces learning Spanish. She challenges herself to do her best in all of her work and puts a lot of thought into her spoken and written work. She is enthusiastic about Spanish language and is even going on a mission trip to El Salvador this summer to immerse herself in the culture! ¡Felicitaciones, Madeline!

Department News and Happenings

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French Department News

Café vendredi

In French 1, students are enjoying corresponding with their pen-pals in French at Henry Sibley High School. They recently wrote about their families and school classes, and did a great job!

In French 4 College in the Schools, students are doing well with the University of Minnesota curriculum. We are currently discussing and writing about family, relationships, feelings, and values. Attached is a photo of a recent “Café vendredi” when students discussed their families and enjoyed some cookies from Eileen’s Cookies. Pictured are Morgan Soukup and Nicole Tiritilli.

German Department News

German 1

German 1 students have made great progress their first semester. Many students are surprised at how much they have already learned. We just finished up another fairy tale “Red Riding Hood” and some of the students helped to act it out. There has been a lot of verbal input provided in German and students are doing well at comprehending spoken as well as written language. We are looking forward to another exciting semester in German 1.

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Spanish Department News

La Casa Embrujada

Spanish 3 classes are currently reading a book called, La Casa Embrujada, is a comic mystery for intermediate level students. Pepino González, investigador privado, and his assistant, Panzoń, take a vacation to Acapulco and find themselves in the middle of somebody else's troubles. The students in level 3 are enjoying the funny antics of the main characters.

Maria Lecceardone-Brown

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