By: Team PhirstAid


What was Delivered?

We delivered Many different supplies. We delivered the following:

  • Water x5
  • Food x7
  • Medical Supplies x7
  • Mosquito Supplies x10
  • Refrigerated Medical Chest x1
  • Clothing Blankets x2
  • Miscellaneous x1

We delivered the second most amount of supplies in our class.

Time of flight

It took our flight 32 hr 26 min to go from Houston to Philippines.

Flight route

For our flight, we flew through Houston to Nevada, Nevada to Canada, Canada to Alaska, Alaska to Russia, Russia to Taiwan, Taiwan to the Philippines.


Our goal was to get to to the Philippines as fast as possible. We wanted to deliver the supplies as fast as we could to help the Philippines survive. We gave them many different supplies such as Medical Supplies and Food.


Flight Plan Map

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Model of Pallets

Total Weight / Volume

The total weight of the supplies was 29,650 Pounds. We had the second most supplies in our class. The total volume was 728.


We delivered the following supplies:

  • Water x5
  • Food x7
  • Medical Supplies x7
  • Mosquito Supplies x10
  • Refrigerated Medical Chest x1
  • Clothing Blankets x2
  • Miscellaneous x1

There were many things that addressed our goal, such as the following:

  • Water
  • Medical Supplies
  • Mosquito Supplies


Chronological Description

First we had to find our group members and name our groups. Then we had to research the culture of the Filipinos. After this we had to research the common diseases in the Philippines. We found out that Malaria was a very common and deadly disease so we figured that we had to get a cure for it. After we finished all of our research, we made our passports. At that point we were able to fly, then we filled the palettes. After this we had to find where we were going to fly. We found our flight plan then we were ready for takeoff.


We used to think that Filipinos only spoke one language, but now we know that they also speak english.

We used to think that the Filipinos ate rice, but now we know that they ate lots of chicken and meat.


Our strategy for this assignment was to get there as fast as we could. On the flight plan we decided to go up through Alaska to Russia and down. We tried to find the airports that were the farthest away that we could go. We found some smaller airports that benefited our time.

Lessons Learned

We learned that we should not go through Florida if we are trying to get to the Philippines. It is a much longer distance around the world then to just go up through Russia. We learned that you should look over something before doing it.

Statement Reflection

The purpose of this project was to help us be better problem solvers. This will help us become better problem solvers because we had to find the fastest route from one place to another. We also had to find what supplies to give to the people in need. Before that we had to research the Phillipines and the medicines that were needed there.

About Us

Responsibilities / Descriptions


Job: Pilot; Finds the flight path, airports, and finds fastest way to get from one place to another.

About Tobin: Tobin enjoys spending time on his flip phone, but if he is not on his phone he is probably watching Netflix. If he is not on Netflix he is probably eating pizza preparing for his next episode on Netflix.


Job: Load Master and Navigator; Helps find which ways to go and helps load the supplies onto the plane.

About Mike: Mike enjoys spending time quick scoping kids, but if he is not quick scoping kids, he is probably just sleeping.


Job: Medical Officer; Finds all of the supplies that need to be on the plane and finds what type of medicines are needed.

About Caleb: Caleb spends too much time on his phone. If he is not playing bike race, he is most likely playing games on the computer.

Mission Goal

Our goal was to give supplies, give relief, and help heal the Filipinos.

Was our goal accomplished?

We succeeded and we gave lots of supplies and medicines to the Philippines, which was part of our main goal.


Provide relief to the citizens of Tacloban and heal them.