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December 1, 2017

BEE Kind Events - Sign Up Today!

December 7, 8 and 15, our OHVA families will gather for Spelling Bee/Winter Parties. During these Face to Face events, we will be gathering items for our school's service project to the homeless around our state.

So be sure to brush up on your spelling skills and start gathering hats, gloves, socks and toiletry items for our service project.

Sign up for the location near you: http://www.localendar.com/public/ohva. We look forward to seeing you!

How to Record Face to Face Sessions

Face to Face events provide added spice to every student's experience here at OHVA. Once your student has attended a F2F event, it is important to record attendance for that event.

On the OHVA local calendar, you can find the link on every Sunday.

You can also just click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/OHVAF2F

Here is the link to our calendar for your convenience as well: http://www.localendar.com/elsie?JSP=PublishedCalendar&mode=PUBLISH_PUBLIC&search_type=M0&start_date=09/01/17&calendar_id=186266.

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Give a Boost!

Teach your student to care for others! Use “Give a Boost” to teach this valuable lesson! Talk about it as a family, and discuss what you can do. Some of our OHVA families are in need of food and other items as winter approaches.

Partner with OHVA Boosters and OHVA staff to “Give a Boost” to some of our families this season. The amount isn't as important as the timeless lesson you teach! Together, we can help! Donate below.

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OHVA Would Like Your Help!

Learning Coaches, OHVA would love your help to improve as a school. Please fill out this short Parent Involvement survey and let your voice be heard. Thank you so much!

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Dont' Miss Winterfest, sponsored by K12!

On December 1, OHVA is invited to an event called K12 Winterfest at The Chiller North in Lewis Center from 2:00-3:30 PM. Look for January 16 upcoming event with K12 in Springfield on the calendar at SkyZone!

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The Season for Spice!

It is the time of year when we stalk our pantry with spices for baking and cooking! Here are a couple of fun recipes to kick off this wonderful holiday season, but also remember to spice up your school and learning time as well. Below are a couple of ways elementary and MS/HS can do just that!

Holiday Ginger, Molasses, and Spice Cookie Recipes: https://www.marthastewart.com/274349/holiday-ginger-molasses-and-spice-cookie

Cinamon Spice Tree Ornaments: https://wholefully.com/cinnamon-ornaments/

9 Ways to Spice Up Spelling Practice

The spelling bee is coming up, but your little learner can’t muster up much enthusiasm for mainstream methods. And if your child isn’t interested, she won’t retain the information she needs to be successful.https://www.education.com/magazine/article/fun-spelling-practice/

Middle School/High School: Spice Up Your Studying!

-by Jane Genovese

They say variety is the spice of life. If you listen to the same song on repeat, you’d get bored pretty quickly. Similarly, serve up the same leftovers night after night and pretty soon you’ll be craving to try something that’s different.

The same thing applies with your study. The secret to staying motivated and learning information effectively is to mix things up. Try different strategies from time to time.

Instead of just reading your text over an over again or drawing dozen of mind maps (my preferred study method), see how you to testing out the following: http://learningfundamentals.com.au/blog/5-simple-strategies-to-spice-up-your-study-sessions/
Share Your Story!

National “Choices in Education” Video Contest Invites Families to Share Their Stories. The contest provides the families and students who have experienced the power of educational freedom with a forum for sharing their life-changing stories.

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K12 Student Clubs

K12 offers a variety of student clubs where like-minded students can share their areas of interest. These clubs are offered typically two times a month, and last one hour. Browse our 2017–2018 club listings by clicking here, and register for your favorite clubs today! [URL: http://www.k12.com/content/dam/k12/sites/default/files/

K12 Customer Support

Do you have questions on where to view your students’ progress or managing your student’s schedule? Check out the Learning Coach Resources located in the video section of the Customer Support Help Site.

[URL: https://www.help.k12.com/s/topic/0TOU00000000jxEOAQ/learning-coach-videos?tabset-26361=2 ]

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