LaCocoDots October 2013 Kudos

Celebrating the Successes of the LaCocoDots Team!

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Wrap Up the Season Starts off with a Bang!

Our team definitely took advantage of planting seeds, booking trunk shows, building teams and gearing up for the holiday madness in October! Excitement is in the air!! My favorite two months of the year are finally here- it is so much fun to be a stylist right now. Whether you are helping customers select the perfect gift for a loved one, helping them turn their LBD from boring to stunning to make them feel beautiful for their office holiday party, or delighting a hostess with hundreds in free accessory credits so she can splurge on herself and her loved ones- shopping this time of year is really special. Our job is to help women be stylish, delight our customers with excellent personal service and share this amazing opportunity with other women who want to lead bold and joyful lives by doing what they love and loving what they do. Cheers to the best holiday season yet!!

Top Sales

Congratulations to all of our stylists who sold 1500 PCV ($2308) or above! You earned your 5% volume rebate! And, special KUDOS to our STELLAR SELLERS ($5,000 and above) Laura Franco, Susan Carruth and Karla Woods! An extra $100 credits are coming your way!

Laura Franco $6402, Midlothian, IL

Susan Carruth $5311, Morganton, GA

Karla Woods $5169, Chattanooga, TN

Carolyn Barnes $3952, Cumming, GA

Katy Barnes $3921, Atlanta, GA

Amanda Shaw $3776, Franklin, TN

Betul Baykal $3329, Duluth, GA

Ashley Bardash $3059, Macon, GA (newly moved to Columbia, SC!)

Hayley Buckner $2689, Sparks, NV

Jacquelyn Weed $2536, Tallahassee, FL

Julie Foster $2408, Atlanta, GA

Welcome New Stylists!

Welcome to our newest stylists who joined in October! We wish you the very best as you get started, and much success during your Jumpstart earning period! You have become a stylist at the most wonderful time of the year! Reach out an connect with your upline and team leaders for support- we're here to help!

Dana Bauer, Hanson Geneva IL, sponsored by Laura Franco

Aimee Mcdonald, Atlanta GA, sponsored by Katy Barnes

Dana Palumbo, Sewell NJ, Lindsey Hermida

Emily Miller, Nashville TN, sponsored by Ashley Bardash

Marie Ethridge, Pooler GA, Lauren Mathews

Tara Bulin, Suffern NY, sponsored by Amanda Shaw

Kelsey Sherrill, Lexington KY, sponsored by Karla Woods

Sophie Cox, Atlanta GA, sponsored by Katy Barnes

Jennifer Ferensick, Marietta GA, sponsored by Alissa Turnbull

Rebecca Jeffers, Hull GA, Ashley Bardash

Erin Dublino, Franklin NC, sponsored by Amanda Shaw

Amy Grist, Tifton GA, sponsored by Laura Decker

Casi Helms, Hixson TN, sponsored by Karla Woods

Erica Parson, Athens GA, sponsored by Leann Duitsman

Super Stars October Challenge

Congrats to Amanda Shaw for earning the Super Stars October Challenge!! The challenge included holding 4 Qualified Trunk Shows and sponsoring 1 new stylist. She did even better than that, and in doing so, earned herself an extra $250 in product credits!! If you'd like to join the Super Stars Program (you have nothing to lose!!), go to your stylist lounge and click on the Super Stars box for more details and to register.

Stellar Stylist Spotlight- Lead Stylist, Laura Franco

You may have noticed New Stylist, Lara Franco, has been on the leader board the past two months. Why is this special? Well, she joined Stella & Dot on September 3rd!! In just two months, here's what she earned:

$150 Quick Start Bonus (2 qualifying shows in the first 30 days)

$450 Book & Sell Awards with 6 qualifying trunk shows in her JS

$300 Sponsor Award for sponsoring and qualifying 1 new stylist

$400 Circle of Success for 4 TS and sponsoring 1 new stylist

$1300 total product credits earned in Jumpstart!!

And to date (Nov. 5th), she's already sold $9,482+ qualifying her for Level 3 (Spring Hostess Bag and $850 in product credit) in the Wrap Up the Season Incentive (Oct-Nov-Dec sales)!! She's leading our team in this incentive!! WOW! Add the $850 to the $1300, plus the $100 from Stellar Seller in October and Ms. Laura Franco has earned $2,250 in product credit... so far!

Laura (a past hostess) joined Stella & Dot with seasoned stylist, Roxanne Harrel. Roxanne decided earlier this year that she was ready to build a team. After a meeting with Laura to discuss the opportunity, Roxanne e-mailed this to her uplines:

Laura Franco is going to be amazing. She's been in sales for 20+ years and is currently looking for a new opportunity. She is ready to go gangbusters with this and knows a ton of people and she LOVES the product. We had a great 2-hour lunch and the more I told her about Stella & Dot, the more excited she got and she just kept saying "I'm in, I'm in!" I am so excited to now be building a team and to have someone to go to the local events with! And with Laura's personality and tenacity, I have no doubt it won't be long before SHE'S sponsoring!

So you may be wondering, how did she do it?? Here's a little about what Laura has to say about her recent success:

1. What is your WHY? Laura: I actually lost 3 jobs in 5 years thanks to our economy and while I was licking my wounds I hosted a TS with Roxanne Harrell as my stylist. My friends and I enjoyed ourselves so much I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for me. I loved that I could be in business for myself not by myself. The bottom line is I needed a paycheck :)

2. How did you book and hold 6 qualifying shows in your Jumpstart? Laura: Roxanne suggested that I have my shows booked before I actually signed on the dotted line. So I picked all the low hanging fruit - my sister, mother and good friends. I have incredibly supportive family and friends! I even had a former client host because she saw a post about my new business on FB and wanted to help!

3. What is your best piece of advice to a new stylist for making the most of her jumpstart after signing up?

Laura: Take a deep breath and relax. You're going to get no's, people will not reply to your emails and phone calls. It's NOT personal, but it is frustrating - keep trying. There's a fine line between being tenacious and being a pest. If I make contact with someone and they don't reply, I give it about 10 days - 2 weeks before I try again. I have a close, personal friend who told me in August she'd host a show in November. I still don't have her scheduled and, believe me, I've tried! I will continue to reach out to her and I know I'll get her, I just have to be patient. You won't get anything at all if you give up.

Perfect advice coming from someone with 26 years of selling experience!

This is where the joy of sponsoring comes through. Building a team is about helping other women discover a business they can love, thrive in and work at their own pace. Success comes in many forms, and working with stylists to fulfill their own goals and determine their own happiness is a gift! Congratulations again to Laura, who is truly going "gangbusters" and to Roxanne, who shared the opportunity and is an incredible upline sponsor. Now... who do YOU want to share this opportunity with??

LaCocoDots Team

Kudos Newsletter by Katy Barnes, Independent Stylist and Assoc. Director

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