Midwest Region


Natural Reasoures

In the Midwest, caves provide: limestone, steel, coal and iron. On the many farms in the Midwest you can get lots of cattle, crops and cloth. The Limestone from the Midwest was used to make The Pentagon and The Empire State Building.


The states in the Midwest are: Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas and Indiana.


In the Midwest you can eat meat like steak, sausage, hot dogs, chicken and pork chops. You can also eat corn, popcorn, pancakes, bread and butter. Most of the food is from France.


In the Midwest there are the Great Lakes, the Great Plains/Central Plains and many mountains. The Great Lakes include: Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. The Badlands National Park is all so a land form. The Sleeping Bear Dunes are a desert by Lake Michigan.
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Landmarks of the Midwest

There are many landmark in the Midwest such as Mount Rushmore, The Mall Of America and the Crazy Horse Memorial. You can also see great sport games like: The Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins, Kansas City Chiefs and World Series Champs Kansas City Royals.

State Capitals

There are many cities that that you you would think are capitals, but they aren't! For example, you would think that Detroit is the Capital of Michigan, but it's really Lansing! Here are all the state capitals: Kansas is Topeka, Minnesota is St.Paul, North Dakota is Bismarck, South Dakota is Pierre, Missouri is Jefferson City, Michigan is Lansing, Nebraska is Lincoln, Iowa is Des Moines, Illinois is Springfield, Indiana is Indianapolis, Ohio is Columbus and Wisconsin is Madison.


Are Wondering What the weather would be like in the Midwest? Well that is exactly what I will be telling you now. In the the Midwest it can go from blazing hot summers to freezing cold winters. Throughout the summer temperatures can go over 100 degrees when winters can get below zero degrees, a 100 degree difference! You should also always make sure you have safe place to hide during a tornado, mostly if your in Kansas! The great lakes have a giant effect on the climate because of the Lake Effect.
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Important boundries

There are many important boundaries in the Midwest, for ex. The boundaries between Minnesota and Canada is very important. The Mississippi river and Missouri rivers are also very important boundaries that separate state from state.

If you were to move to the Midwest you would have to make changes like...

Having to bring more shorts for hot times that last form April to maybe September or October. Be ready for bitterly cold winters as well. You would also have to have a safe place in case of a tornado.

Did You Know?

Did you know that 7 U.S.A Presidents where born in Ohio. the Empire State Building and Pentagon Where made from limestone from the Midwest. The Crazy Horse Memorial has a 87 1/2 foot head! It started in 1948. The Midwest was part of the Louisiana Purchase from France.

How do people use the natural resources found in this region?

People use steel for cars and buildings. People use limestone for many buildings. People use crops for bread and other food.

Why do we care about the famous landmarks, National parks and historical sites found in this region?

Why do we care about Mount Rushmore? It has 4 famous presidents carved into the face of 1 mountain. The Crazy Horse Memorial is a carving of a famous Native American with a hard backstory. The Mall of America is the biggest mall in America and was the first mall in America.

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