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Botswana is the world's 48th-largest country, (224,607 sq mi) is the size of Botswana, It's about the size of France. Botwana has a great difference beetween the day and night tmeperatures, There is not really that much rainfall. Botswana is rich in natural reacorses, some of their natural reasorces are diamonds, copper, nickel, salt, soda ash, potash, coal, iron ore, silver. Some of the major cities in Botswana are Francistown, Ghanzi, Kanye, Maun, Mochudi Village, Mochudi, Molepolole, Serown, Tsabong, Tshabong. Botswana's capitol is Gaborone. The major rivers are Cuando river, Limpopo river, Shashe river, and the Zambezi river. The Kalahari Desert spreads through most of Batswana, it extends 900,000 square kilometres. The Okavango Delta is in Botswana, it's a very large outland delta. The Desertification is affecting Batswana on a high level. THis is harming the ecosystem and the people.


1967 - Diamonds discovered at Orapa.

1979-October - General elections: BDP wins majority, Khama is re-elected as president.

1989 October - General elections; BDP wins majority. National Assembly re-elects Masire as president.

1999 September - Six-day state of emergency declared to resolve voter registration problem.

2008 October - Botswana's former President Festus Mogae wins a $5m prize set up to encourage good governance in Africa.


Botwana's culture is very different. The population of Botswana is made up of 20 different kinds of tribes. There are over 2 million people today living in Botswana. Today all of the customs and belifs help to make up the Botswana culture. About half of the Botswana people came originally from Botswana's neiboring countries. the main ethnic groups of Tswana people (79%), Kalanga people (11%), and Basarwa (3%).[ The remaining 7% consist of other people ethnic groups. The Botswana people have many holidays, some like are's. Some lauguages are Ani, Birwa, English, Gana, Gwi, Hua, English. About 70 percent of Botswana citizens consider themselfs as christians the others are different types of beliefs.
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THere government sytem is a parlimentary republic. The president is Ian Khama, There are four main parties and many more smaller parties. Local government is administered by nine district councils and five town councils.


Botswana has had the highest economic growth rate in the world. Botswana's impressive economic record has been built on a foundation of diamond mining, prudent fiscal policies, international financial and technical assistance, and a cautious foreign policy. Botswana's economics is doing very well.

Top 5 places to visit!

1. Their National Parks

2. Go on a walking safari

3. Go mountian biking

4. Go to the Okavango Delts

5. Go to the Plans of Makagdikgadi