Google Apps For Education

Participate in our PDU and make technology worth your time!

Learn what GAFE is all about.

"Go Google!" This is an awesome opportunity to learn the benefits of GAFE and get collaborating today!

Every Wednesday at 7:15 am in the school library.

Please be prepared with your laptop and complete any online assignments prior to class.

This class offered by:

Anna Kluver-Fensler

14 years experience as a DPS teacher. Her duties as a teacher have included 4th grade teacher, facilitator, interventionist and SAL.

Heather Wilson

11 years experience as a DPS teacher. Her positions have included 3rd grade teacher, ESL teacher, Spanish teacher and interventionist.

Guaranteed to be "Worth your time not a waste of time."

More about us.

Our mission is to introduce teachers and school staff to the collaborative tools that Google Apps for Education has to offer. We have developed all of our simple to use products to be fully integrated with Google. We are both Google Apps for Education Teacher certified and are working towards our trainer certification. We have dedicated ourselves towards helping schools develop a cohesive, consistent and comprehensive ed tech plan and believe that GAFE is the base from where ed tech plans should begin.