All About me

Kimberly Guzman

My name is Kimberly Guzman

I am 15 years old ,my birthday is on April 7,2000.

Born in Las Colinas.

About my family !

I have 3 older sisters.

-Lorena shes 34 and she lives in north Dakota and she has 2 girls and one boy

- Yami shes 33 and she lives in Dallas no kids

-Cory 23 she lives with me and has no kids

My moms name is Coralia

And dad is Fransisco

Important people in my life

Best friend!

This is Emma !

Emma has been my best friend for almost 3 years. She knows my whole life story and more. Shes never put me down when i need someone she has a huge heart .and shes a sweet girl.She has showed me her trust and why i should trust her.I really hope we make it to the graduation stage and walk out with our diplomas and be succeesful.even though i know we are (: