From Cacao Trees to Chocolate

By: Emina Huskic 3AS


Do you ever wonder where that yummy Chocolate comes from? Chocolate makes an interesting process to your table.


Chocolate begins its trip to the store in a beautiful forest where cacao trees are grown. With cacao beans first what they will do is cut the pods that are filled with beans and remove the beans. Next the beans are spread around a field and put under banana leaves to dry for about a week. After that the beans are put into heavy bags and brought to the factory.


When the beans are brought to the factory the first thing they will do is mix and roast the beans in the oven to bring out more flavor. When the beans are done a machine takes off the shells of the cacao beans. After that process a machine grinds the bids so they will become liquid chocolate. Before they pour the chocolate in candy mold they add milk and suger to sweet it up. Finily the chocolate is poured in to candy molds and put in the freezer to harden. Finally they package them and ship them to the factory.


When the chocolate is brought to the store the people who work there stock it up on the shelf and people start buying it. Some people use chocolate for special occasions, birthdays or holidays. Chocolate brings a joyful taste when kids eat it.

Interesting Facts

As you can see chocolate makes a really interesting journey to your table. Now lets hear some interesting fun facts. Did you know cacao pods grow straight out of a trees trunk or branches. Also cacao pods grow to a size of a foot ball about 20-50 beans grow in each pod. I hope you liked these fun facts.


And that is all the processing from Cacao pods in the forest to chocolate in stores. I think you want some chocolate now!
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