News Notes & Dates

Week of January 19

Principal's Corner

** PARRCC is asking that we have a state testing day on January 29 between 9 & 10 am. The district would like us to test at least 100 students. We will use our Lenovo's and some of the students who have a Chrome Book. Is there a 7th grade team that would like to volunteer? The benefit is that students get practice time on the real test site.

**This is the proposed testing schedule. We still have things we need to work out but I wanted to get it in front of your eyes. We will be using district Chrome Books, student Chrome Books and Lenovo's from the Learning Commons. We will not be using any student devices that are not Chrome Books :)

** Special Ed Model conversation TODAY January 20th at 2:30 in room 115. All are welcome to attend.

** Please note we will be having Activity Pictures this week. Thanks to so many of you stepping in and sponsoring a club, we will be adding an additional day to the schedule. Wednesday the 21st will be pics for all the clubs and on Friday, the 23rd, all the music classes will be taking their pictures.EXCEPT on Friday, all WEB students will need to go to the gym at 10:30 am. We will get this group picture taken as quickly as possible. Please click here to see both schedules. With the music team stepping up and using their class time, for their group photos, this should cause less disruption for all the core time. Thanks Music team!

** Remember, many parents will be visiting our building on Thursday for Conferences. Please take a moment to ensure your TEAM area is putting it's best foot forward. Clean up old papers on walls, fix posters that are peeling off and have your lost and found out for them to see please.


* Tues. Jan. 20 - Grades due 3:00 pm

* Wed. Jan. 21 - Activity Pictures (CLUBS only)

* Thurs. Jan. 22 - Conferences #3 4:30-8:00 pm

* Fri. Jan. 23 - Activity Pictures (ALL Music groups)

*Wed. Jan. 28 - Staff Meeting - Learning Commons @ 2:30


Counselor's Corner

Today begins the first Career Cafe'. Hopefully you all read email from Christine and distributed passes to the students who signed up.

The STEMconnector survey needs to be taken during advisory on Wednesday. This is a survey that is OFFICIAL for all 8th grade advisories so please fill everything out. It is a "practice" for all 7th grade advisories, but please fill out as well. Please be sure to complete this survey before any other advisory activities. Surveys will be in your mailbox Tuesday after school. Turn all surveys into Carolyn Heller by the end of the day on Thursday.

The Council on Child Abuse (COCA) in conjunction with the counseling team and our male administrators will be presenting a unit on peer abuse and bullying to all 7th graders during their Literacy classes on Jan. 27-29th.

You learn a lot from success, but you can learn even more from failure. ~Tracy McMillan

Lizzy's Academic Advice

Get ready to brag on yourself and your colleagues!

As we look forward to our February 13th PD day we are working hard to tailor the PD to your needs.

Because we know our Nagel teachers are the best resources, we envision this PD being primarily led by Nagel teachers.

The focus of the PD will be around providing "teacher-tested, teacher-approved" strategies for responding to tier 2 actions. We are looking for Nagel teachers to share their strategies that they use to best support students.

So, let's brag! Please share your strengths (or you can also share the strengths of your colleagues) around tier 2 responses. Just fill out this super quick form to respond!If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online.

8-9th Scheduling Process (8th grade AND Encore Teachers PLEASE READ)

Below you will find the link to the 8-9th grade scheduling timeline. However, here is the abridged version with the information that is pertinent to you;

  • January 29th - HS recommendations are completed by 10am.
  • Week of February 2nd-6th - An administrator will visit your team meets to discuss any anomalies in the placements. An administrator will be in touch with you regarding the meeting date.
  • February 17th - HS counselors and admin will come to Nagel to meet with teams regarding the transition. Meetings will take place during encores and students will be called down by teams via the Intercom to the Learning Commons at their assigned team meeting time. Encore teachers, we know this insist ideal, but students will be moving into and out of your classes based on the time the team is meeting in the Learning Commons.
    • 7:30-7:55 - 8-1
    • 8:00-8:25 - 8-2
    • 8:30-8:55 - 8-3
    • 9:00-9:25 - 8-4
    • 9:30-9:55 - 8-5
  • February 17th - Students will return to advisory at 2pm. At 2pm, advisors will give students their scheduling sheets.
  • March 4th - Scheduling sheets are due back to advisors.
  • March 4-6th - Advisors, continue to collect and hunt down missing scheduling sheets from the students.
  • Week of March 9th-13th - MS counselors will come to advisories for each team. HS counselors will schedule with the 8th graders. Advisory for that particular team will be extended by 10 minutes (7:20-7:50). Other teams will continue advisory and head to encores as typical. Encore teachers, this means some students will be coming 10 minutes late each day during 1st period...again, I know this isn't ideal, but is necessary with jiving the the HS and with testing.
    • Monday, March 8th - HS counselors to 8-1 (7:20-7:50)
    • Tuesday, March 9th - HS counselors to 8-2 (7:20-7:50)
    • Wednesday, March 10th - HS counselors to 8-3 (7:20-7:50)
    • Thursday, March 11th - HS counselors to 8-4 (7:20-7:50)
    • Friday, March 12th - HS counselors to 8-5 (7:20-7:50)

7th Grade Foreign Language Recommendations

Foreign Language recommendations are due on Friday, January 30th. Language Arts teachers have access to the recommendation document. If you have any question, please let Lizzy know.

Joy's Journal

Keep up your positive classroom guidance and direction. RTI news for you next week.

The Bailey Special

#1: The first round of PARCC Tests are scheduled for mid-February (2/18-2/24). Many details will be coming your way, including a very thorough Test Administrator's Manual. For now, we strongly encourage you to work with the PARCC Practice Tests with your students. Specifically, work on the tools that the testing platform offers (highlighter, notepad, flag a question, answer eliminator, etc). We need to help kids get comfortable with the tools and how to use them.

#1a: We will be doing a PARCC Trial Day with roughly 100 select students on January 29, 2015. This is a district-wide (and state-wide) trial to see how the system responds. More details to come.

#2: SAVE THE DATE! Mark your calendars for Nagel Boys Basketball (Blue and Silver) at Anderson HS and Turpin HS.


Nagel Blue Boys v. Walnut Hills @ Anderson High School (3pm and 4:15pm)

Nagel Silver Boys v. Withrow @ Turpin High School (12pm and 1:15pm)

#3: I am still looking for a Softball Coach for this Spring!