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September 30, 2016

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Herff Jones at SHS Parent Night

In addition to a free meal and an opportunity for parents to speak with their child's teachers, this year's Parent Night will also include a time for parents to meet with our Herff Jones representatives. Herff Jones offers caps/gowns for seniors as well as class rings for underclassmen. The Herff Jones representatives will be in the Commons on Thursday, October 6th, from 3:00 – 7:00 pm. They will also be in the building on Friday, October 7th during all three lunches.

A cap & gown is mandatory to participate in our graduation ceremony and prices will go up after December 9th, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

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College Go! Week

This past week was College Go! Week. Students were encouraged to participate in spirit days throughout the week. On Wednesday, Sept. 28, students were able to invite family members who served in the military to eat lunch with them at school. Military recruiters were also present during lunch to speak to students about entering the military after graduation instead of immediately attending college or entering the job force.

“When we were discussing the agenda for the week, our administration asked us to include the military as an option, invite the veterans to honor them, and give students more people to talk to,” said Mrs. Dancie Colson, guidance counselor.

Around 25 veterans ate lunch with students on Wednesday.

“Military representatives came and told students about the opportunities they offer for the future. The veterans got to come, eat with students, and share stories about how they served and the training they received,” said Colson. "I hope the military veterans got to see what great students we have, and how respectful they are."

Eliza Mount (10) invited her Grandpa Jan, her mom’s dad, to eat lunch with her.

“It was fun because I could eat and enjoy lunch with him for a change,” said Mount. “I think it is important to educate our students about the military because it gives them lots of options for their futures. It could be something really good for them later on in life."

Academic & Athletic Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following students who impressed their teachers in the month of August:

Athletes of the Month: Eliza Mount & Isaac Everett

Students of the Month: Freshmen Lyndie Foster, Sophmore Macy Colson, Junior Rachel Pelfrey, Senior Corey Lagle

Honorable Mention-9-Baylee Comer, 9-Jeremy Beswick, 9-Kirsten Holman, 10-Tyler Combs, 10-Hunter Barrett, 10-Chris Dry, 10-Seth Campbell, 10-Amber Hall, 10-Jefferey Pruett, 10-Ben Smith, 11-Makayla Gay, 11-Jasmine McCorkle, 11-William Parrish, 11-Elise Harrison, 11-Paolo Bartoch, 11-Danul Spicer, 11-Jerick Patton, 12-Travis Sparkman, 12-Megan Thomas, 12-Megan Thomas, 12-Mason Noble, 12-Hunter Dickerson, 12-Jacob Lewis, 12-Isaiah Walker, 12-Katelyn Lewis, 12-Justin Damon.

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