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“It’s no longer Lonely at The Top!"

To whom much is GIVEN, much is required.

If we expect to have a life of VALUE, we must understand that anything of great VALUE has some form of sacrifice and hard work to get it and to keep it.

What opportunities do YOU have in YOUR hands that hold great possibility or worth?

Why do we realize there is potential, yet we treat these opportunities as worth-less?

Perfect those areas that are lacking today!


What is Professional Development Coach?

A Development Coach is a motivator that helps you through obstacles in life, to overcome your roadblocks & fears and arrive where you want to be.

We listen to you and guide you along to achieve your goals and meet your dreams. We use an open and honest relationship with our clients.

We can help you turn change, disappointments and challenges to new positive life-changing and rewarding opportunities and experiences.

Do you really want changes in your life but you don't know where to begin? Are you unsure about what it is you really want?

Do you feel lost, trapped, stuck and confused with no direction?

Do you feel stressed and harassed every day, like you're always doing things to please others but never yourself?

Do you have problems making decisions about many matters? Do you need clarity? Do you feel low and depressed?

Do you find yourself doing things you really don’t want to do, acting simply out of obligation, not knowing how to say No?

Do you feel like a failure unable to move on even though you keep trying? Do you want to let go of the past that still hurts so much?

Do you keep trying to lose weight but need motivation and encouragement to reach your ideal weight?

The problem with many of us is that when we think about making changes in life, we have no clue as to what to do, how to do it and when to do it. And rather than take time to find out we let things go on, day after day, with no change and no hope for any improvement. So give up on simply wanting or needing change and focus on taking action now.

Let's get insight of your values and motivators which are the engines of all goals.

We will leverage these with your personal strengths so that you can spend your time and energy doing more of what you do best and much less of what simply drains off your energy and making you unhappy.

Even though we live in a time of great discoveries, interventions and innovations, we also live in a time for great doubt and uncertainty and competition, social and personal anxieties, economic and financial turbulence and general confusion of ideas and values.

Development Coaching brings an ally to help you find clarity and overcome your fears, deal with change, a confidant for a safe place to brain storm and turn your dreams to a reality. To help you be accountable and maintain your goals always in sight.

Let's start today and work together to change your life forever and make your dreams become a reality. Turn obstacles into opportunities and realize your potential. Look back one day and be proud of what you have done today!

How does it take place?

By phone, emails, via Skype or in person - making it possible wherever you are.

Development Coach Maston Knowles


Maston S. Knowles (Bio)

Born and raised in Chicago, Maston Knowles’ vision and sphere of influence is boundless. To many, Maston is known as entrepreneur, philanthropist, and networker, yet he also is a devoted volunteer. Principal of Consultants Now, Maston serves in the roles of personal development coach, facilitator, community leader and the host of “Power Talk Radio”.

Maston has been influ

ential and a significant asset in the success of several Illinois political leaders and its citizens. Example of Maston’s service to Illinois, were his roles as Intergovernmental Affairs for The Illinois State Treasurer's office under the administration of Judy Baar Topinka, and Faith Based Liaison and key strategist to Jack Ryan. As volunteer, Maston was instrumental in the establishment of the Circle of Knowledge Adult High School, an accredited, State of Illinois high school located on Chicago’s Southside.

Maston started motivating and encouraging people 20 years ago when he accepted his call to ministry.. Over the years Maston S Knowles spoke before countless men women and families.. From 3 people in a room to over 40 thousand in the Georga SuperDome. But it was not until he Repositioned himself over the past 2 years that his life shifted into what he does on a daily basis....l Motivational Speaker. Maston began a new chapter in his life.

Maston believes that everybody should live the life of their dreams and do it on purpose without the fear of risking it all..

Maston Knowles is doing what he loves to do.. Encourage, uplift, support and coach people to develop their innermost gifts and push them to get out and do something....

With a passion for people, in the face of change and difficulty, with amazing resilience, Maston embraces the moment and produces innovative strategies, creating conditions for growth and sustainability. Maston is a true resource.