Laws of News

By: Julia Vasquez

Monday November 12th, 2012

Isaac Newton

Many of us know Isaac Newton for his discovery of Newton's Laws. He created Newton's Laws when he saw the apple fall out of the tree from his bedroom window. Newton also wondered why the stars or the moon didn't fall out of the sky. From that moment on, he began to study gravity. He then realized that gravity held everything in place on earth. In space, the gravitational pull from the moon, Earth and other planets hold everything in place. Newton began to create Newton's Laws after his study in gravity. His study in motion was one of his greatest and well known studies. Isaac Newton was the most famous scientist of his time (1600's). Newton also got a unit of force named after him. Isaac Newton changed the study of science and should be honored in every science classroom.

Newton's Law of Action/Reaction

Newton's third law is also known as Newton's Law of Action/Reaction. This final law states that forces are applied in opposite directions but will only move in one. If a force is applied down then the reactionary force will move upwards. The forces applied have to be going up and down or side to side. If a force is applied in any other form it wouldn't be an example of Newton's Law of Action/Reaction.

Did you know?


Did you know that archery is considered to be a great example of Newton's Law of Action/Reaction? When you pull on the string of the bow the arrow goes in the opposite direction. This is caused by Newton's third law. When you pull back on the bow string the force bulids up and when you release the string the energy is also being released. All the energy that is released causes the arrow to go into the target. This is a great example of Newton's Law of Action/Reaction because the arrow goes in the opposite direction of the force.