Kamala Harris

Zenoblia Riggins

Born: October 20,1964 ( Oakland,CA)

University of California

Howard University(B.A)

Hastings College of Law(L.D)

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The first California attorney general with African american and south Asian ancestry after defeating republican rival Steve Cooley in the 2010 election for the position.

Harris began prosecuting child rape, robbery and murder cases as deputy district attorney, for the alameda county district attorneys office serving in this position from 1990-1998.

As managing attorney of the career criminal unit of the San Francisco district attorneys office, she filled from 1998-2000 she prosecuted cases involving serial felonies.

From 2000-2003 She Was head of the san Francisco city attorney's division of families and children.

At the end of 2003 harris was elected as the san Francisco district attorney, becoming the first black and south asian to achieve this feat.

In November of 2007 voters re-elected her to the office.

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Honors 🏆

Harris won endorsements from California's political elite while campaigning for some attorney generals.

Named One of California's top 75 woman litigators by the National Urban League.

The National Black prosecutors Association gave Harris the thurgood Marshall award.

California District Attorneys Association elected her it's board.

"I was raised to be a independent woman not the victim of anything"

-Kamala Harris