App Smash Challenge

create your own stop-motion animation with music


Make a stop-motion animation using Smoovie (for the stop motion part), Garage Band (for the music part) and iMovie (for the editing part) to stimulate creativity in many ways. Care for an example? Watch vet cool gaaf (made by a 6 year old).

How do I do that?

  1. Prepare your stop-motion: create a script, draw or collect all items you are going to use for your stop-motion animation.
  2. Create your stop-motion animation using Smoovie. When done save it to your iPad.
  3. With GarageBand it's easy to create your own music or use an existing piece. Make or choose your music using GarageBand and save it to you iPad.
  4. Use iMovie to combine your stop-motion animation and the music. Again, save the result to your iPad.

Don't forget to share you result!

For instance on our Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #TheCrowdNL.

Integration ideas

  • explanation of a product students created
  • description of a historic event
  • representation of an art movement
  • explanation of a specific topic or concept